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High-Speed Production

  • FP 1440

    Another new ILPRA tray sealer, the FP1440 is equally flexible to its larger counterparts, however, takes up a fraction of the space. Unlike the other 1465/1485 models, the 1440 houses an internal Busch Vacuum Pump, therefore enabling an even smaller footprint and economical price tag.

  • FP 1465

    This model is the little brother to the 1485, with a 650mm sealing area. Like all 1400 machines, they utilize all the same parts, making servicing, and stocking parts, simply and economical.

  • FP 1485

    The largest 1400 model tray sealer in this class, the FP1485 offers a maximum sealing capacity for single lane production. Thanks to its design, this model can be easily washdown and maintained.

  • M7

    Designed utilizing ILPRA E-MEC technology, this is an efficient tray sealer also capable of outputting at 15+ cycles per minute. Come equipped with tool-less changeovers and IP66 class protection, and therefore is the highest protected machine in its class. The M-Series can also be configured in single or dual lane designs.

  • M11

    With a 1100mm sealing area, this is the largest tray sealing model in the world. The unit is capable of running up to 12 No. 3 (industry standard) tray per cycle and utilizes the highest grade materials in our tray sealing line-up. Like all M-Series Tray Sealers, we back this monster with a 3-year warranty!