Roberts Technology Group, Inc.

Exclusive provider of ILPRA and SOLLAS equipment in North America

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Medium Production

  • FP Speedy II (XXL)

    Our largest of the SPEEDY Series, the SPEEDY II comes with 4 lanes and many standard upgraded features unlike the smaller models, including servo technology. With a 640mm sealing area, this model is capable of producing 40-50ppm.

  • FP Speedy (XL)

    With a 500mm sealing area, this model is relatively similar to its larger model, minus the bells and whistles.  

  • FP Speedy

    The SPEEDY is our entry-level Speedy machine, and most popular model, selling 100+ units each year. This machine serves virtually any industry and is the most versatile and economical machine in its class. ILPRA was the first to produce this style machine, and since has grown to become a very popular style model in the […]