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Custom Filling & Sealing Line

Custom Filling & Sealing Line

This line is 100% custom packaging solution, produced to meet your packaging requirements for containers on the larger scale. These lines are ideal for filling a wide range of products into large pails / buckets / containers, and in some cases, up to 5 gallons.

Custom filling & sealing lines are able to have the following integrations:

  • Denesting
  • Container Sanitation
  • UV Lamp Sanitation for Film
  • Wide Range of Filling Capabilities
  • Sealing Cutting
  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging
  • Scaling (Check-Weigh)
  • Metal Detection on Discharge
  • Capping / Lidding
  • …and much more…


There is no “standard” specification chart on a machine as such. Please contact your regional representative for additional information.

In the images below, you will see a few examples of design layout from past applications.