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Sollas Miniflex

Sollas Miniflex

The Sollas MiniFlex is a semi-automatic overwrapping machine. This new approach to film overwrapping provides a high quality wrap for small batches and series at a limited investment and best of all, requires no change parts!

One of the main features is that there are no change parts required for products within the standard size range of the machine.


  • Patented universal folding system
  • PLC control with soft touch display
  • Quick adjustment devices on folding street with numeric counters
  • Temperature, sealing time and film length adjustments via the soft touch display
  • Product data menu to store all machine settings in the PLC
  • Film slitting device
  • Transformer for deviating net voltages


packaging style overwrapping
product size range (L x W x H)
L 60 – 320 mm
W 30 – 250 mm
H 24 – 96 mm
output max. approx 10 / minute dependant on operator
film width 60 – 400 mm
filmroll diameter max. 300 mm
packaging material PLA / PP 30 and PE coated Kraft Paper
air pressure 6 Bar
power consumption 230 V – 50Hz
machine dimension see drawing
options tear tape, change parts for product exceeding standard size
machine color RAL 9010
drive servo
control PLC