L-Series: 3L


The volumetric dosing and electronic weight system allows to package a wide range of liquid or doughy products such as yogurt, cheese, margarine even containing small solid parts. The above mentioned features, besides the ILPRA mass production and the use of anodized aluminum with IP 65 protection class make this model a perfect concentrate of high productions, reliability and great quality price/rate.

*All the companies of the ILPRA Group operate according to ISO 9001:2008 compliance and their organization of production is fully internal. Before delivering, each machine undergoes the scrutiny of strict internal test procedures, carried out with the packaging materials received from customer. This procedure verifies that the product is in compliance with both the customer and the regulations in force with Ilpra. 

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Machine dimensions:


Power: 230V / 400V

Air: 6 Bars

Cycles per minute:

Max output:

Filling Capacity:



Request for Quote: L-Series: 3L

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