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Small Production

  • FP 400

    The model 400 is the largest model within our semi-automatic tray sealing line-up and includes a stainless steel base in which the larger (when comparing to the ENERGY VG) vacuum pump is housed to perform MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging). This model is suitable for low output production runs and has the largest sealing area (capable of sealing 4 trays per cycle).


    The ROTOBASIC is fundamentally the same as the Basic model, with the exception of the rotary design. This feature allows for greater productivity when using Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) process and reduces operator fatigue.


    The most economical machine in its class! The ENERGY Tray Sealer is the smallest MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) units within Ilpra’s semi-automatic line-up. It is the ideal solution to the “beginner” producers into the packaging field. This model is also ideal for R&D packaging with its inexpensive/economical tooling!