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ILPRA Tray Sealers

Designed to streamline production of pre-packaged foods for various retail applications, the ILPRA line of tray sealer machines allow the packaging and sealing of various consumables in pre-formed trays by means of sealing with modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and various Skin (VSP) operations.

Set entirely in stainless steel featuring an automatic film unwinder, ILPRA tray packaging machines offer performance in high-volume manufacturing settings and smaller operations alike. Whether speed and or budget is a concern, we will have the right machine just for you.

There are three major types of tray sealer machines that ILPRA specializes in:

Small Production

Best suited for smaller volumes of production, these machines still offer high-output without the space consumption of larger machines, and will not break the bank. Some models produced by ILPRA include:

  • FP 400 “Special”

    The FP400 “Special Edition” is the most sophisticated model in its class, able to pack in every packaging format, including Skin Packaging to flat eco-friendly fiber boards and trays; also tested and approved for 10K “Fish” Film. This model is also available in an optional rotary design. Learn More

  • FP 400 VSP

    This manual tray sealer, the FP 400 VSP, is the go-to tabletop model for your Vacuum Skin Packaging needs for Ready Meals / Meal Prep Applications, or sliced meat/charcuterie which require very low oxygen residuals. Learn More


    The most popular model in its class, the ENERGY is our smallest, most economical semi-automatic tray sealing machine. It offers great sealing force, and quick inexpensive changeovers. Learn More

Medium Production

These tray sealer machines offer more robust production capabilities yet are compact enough to fall into a medium output category. Models that fall into this category of tray packaging are:

  • FP Speedy

    The FoodPack SPEEDY is an entry level, compact and economical automatic Tray Sealer. Comes standard with a changeable single to dual lane design, to assist in the quick changeover process. Ideal for small to medium production, capable of up to 1,000 to 1,200 MAP/Gas Flush Packs per hour in ideal conditions. Learn More


    The FP SPEEDY Duo eliminates changeovers by allowing production to run multiple tools at once. Production may consist of a single footprint, or dual footprints at once with the tool automatic adjusting capability. Learn More

  • FP Speedy II

    Our largest of the SPEEDY Series, the SPEEDY II comes standard with a 3 to 4 lane design and many upgraded features in standard setup. With a 640mm sealing area, this model is capable of producing 40-50ppm. Learn More

High-Speed (Inline) Production

For mass production applications, these five machines work just as hard packaging as they do keeping production lines moving smoothly, thanks to being able to be completely automated and integrated within existing lines.

  • FP 1440

    Another new ILPRA tray sealer, the FP1440 is equally flexible to its larger counterparts, however, takes up a fraction of the space. Unlike the other 1465/1485 models, the 1440 houses an internal Busch Vacuum Pump, therefore enabling an even smaller footprint and economical price tag. Learn More

  • FP 1465

    Slightly shorter in length than the 1485 model the 1465 model has a 650mm sealing area. Like all 1400 machines, they utilize all the same parts, making servicing, and stocking parts, simply and economical. Learn More

  • FP 1485

    The largest 1400 model tray sealer in this class, the FP1485 offers a maximum sealing capacity for single lane production. Thanks to its design, this model can be easily washdown and maintained. Learn More

  • M7

    Designed utilizing ILPRA E-MEC technology, this is an efficient tray sealer also capable of outputting at 15+ cycles per minute. Come equipped with tool-less changeovers and IP66 class protection, and therefore is the highest protected machine in its class. The M-Series can also be configured in single or dual lane designs. Learn More

  • M11

    With a 1100mm sealing area, this is  one of the largest tray sealers in our portfolio. The unit is capable of running up to 12 No. 3 (industry standard) tray per cycle and utilizes the highest grade materials in our tray sealing line-up. Like all M-Series Tray Sealers, we back this monster with a 3-year […] Learn More

  • Hyper 1000 / 1250 Tray Sealer

    The Hyper line of ILPRA Tray Sealers is truly revolutionary. The focus on manufacturing and engineering the Hyper line is quality, speed and precision, and sustainability with film reduction tooling. The Hype line is the pinnacle of Tray Sealers by ILPRA. Learn More

Bottom line, ILPRA offers the greatest portfolio and experience (since 1955) than any Tray Sealing brand around the globe.  Whether you are on a tight budget, or simply looking for the perfect solution for your needs with competitive pricing, ILPRA is the right partner for your next packaging venture.

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