ILPRA Fill Sealers

Fill sealing machines do as their name implies: fill cups or trays with product, such as yogurt, soups, and other liquid-based foods, then seal these cups with a specific thickness of plastic film or foil lid. Our filling machines have the ability (unlike other brands) to perform a true MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging), and not simply gas flush. All parameters of the machines can be set and saved through the machines Siemens PLC.  All filling machines utilize the highest quality stainless steel (304/316) and are capable of running a vast array of products, by simply changing the depositing station (if needed).  All our fill sealing machine produces HPP Quality seals.

Numerous fill sealing applications are available depending on your budget and production needs.

  • SealBox Series

    The ILPRA SealBox Series is designed of filling and / or sealing to non-detestable/stackable containers. Each system includes an indeed and outfield conveyor belt, and is designed in rotary form. Learn More

  • FS 2500

    The smallest unit is the ILPRA Fill Seal 2500. It is an entry-level machine perfect for smaller production settings, such as family-owned dairy farms or processing companies, or simply for co-packer looking for the highest level of flexibility and versatility. This unit is capable of producing up to 2500 cups per hour. Learn More

  • FS 5000

    With the same functionality as the FS-2500, the 5000 model is the ‘big brother’, doubling the production to 5000 cups per hour thanks to its dual headed design. This model (like all fillers) takes into account the highest of wash-down capabilities (IP65), and is built in 304/316 stainless steel. Learn More

  • FS 7000

    Apart from size and the ability to simultaneous dose 3 product types, the FS 7000 Tronic offers similar capacity, maintenance and customization capabilities as its 5000 predecessor. Rather than 2 cups per cycle (like the 5000 model) the 7000 is capable of operating 3 cups per cycle. Learn More

  • SPEEDY – Large Volume Fill Sealing

    Fill sealer models such as the SPEEDY handle MAP and vacuum operations in addition to regular filling jobs. With the ability to detect metal objects on discharge and 270mm maximum package diameter, Speedy Buckets fill sealers meet the demand of fast-paced production operations that demand accuracy, with the utmost versatility. Learn More

  • Custom – Large Volume Fill Sealing

    Some operations demand outside-the-box solutions. If you’re larger than other dairy or food processors, and want something tailored to your needs, fill sealing solutions can be built to spec. By customizing your packaging solution, you’re investing based off current demand, but leave room to scale as your operation grows. These units are ideal for industrial […] Learn More

  • L-Series: 8L

    One of today’s largest inline fill sealing machines, the 8L runs four rows at once and fills 8 cups per cycle with simplified cleaning. It’s fully automated, has volumetric dosing capabilities yet remains competitively priced given its production output. Options on the unit are endless, thanks to its size and built from the ground up […] Learn More

  • L-Series: 4L

    The FS 4L is a filling sealing machine manufactured by Ilpra designed for medium to large production. Controlled electronically, the FS 4L automates the fill and seal of products in-line rather than using a rotary table, achieving up to 10000 pieces per hour with high precision and control. This unit is ideal for yogurts, salsa, cheese […] Learn More

  • L-Series: 3L

    The ‘L’ Series, is our inline series. The 3L utilizes the highest level of quality (without sacrifice). The unit is also built from the ground up, therefore 100% tailored to the customers high production needs. These units are perfect for a high end manufacturer looking to run continuous production with minimal changes to the container, […] Learn More

  • Form Fill Seal: Turn Key Solutions

    Form Fill Seal machines are 100% tailored and customized around specific product and packaging requirements from beginning to end. Call to today for more information. Learn More

Which fill sealer is right for you?

The greatest feature of sealing machines isn’t found on paper: they scale based on demand and application. No two food production companies will require identical fill and seal machines; cost-reduction and energy consumption may play into one’s decision making process, however.

Packaging applications also play an integral role in which fill sealer companies need. Meat and poultry packages differ from yogurt or cheese; portion sizes, expected shelf life and cost expectations also factor.

Numerous fill sealer solutions exist not mentioned above. So we may learn about your packaging operations and customize an ILPRA filling machine solution, contact us and we’ll assign a representative to your inquiry.