FS 7000


The FS-7000 is capable of a vast array of customer production specifications (i.e. Sealing Only, Modified Atmosphere Packaging, Foil and film).

From the perspective of a constant innovation and improvement of the performance, ILPRA has conceived the new model FS 7000 Tronic , thus completing its range of rotary filling machines. This model features technical innovations, which ILPRA is going to fit on all the fill seal range. The most important are:

Innovative design: the machine is compact and easy to access thanks to the transparent doors which can be opened from all sides. That makes the maintenance and cleaning operations easy and fast.
Versatility: the FS 7000 Tronic is primarly contructed of stainless steel , that makes it suitable to work in aggres- sive settings. A simple and quick changeover helps to considerably reduce production downtime. On request it is possible to program the machine to dose 3 products having different density/viscosity, at the same time.

Technology: the color touch screen allows to set and control all working parameters quickly. The main working stations are mechanically driven, to get greater reliability of the machine. The Tronic dosing is electronically controlled thus offering high precision in filling.

Customization: a wide range of options are available to meet the customer’s needs (cleaning in place filling system, laminar flow cap, snap-on-lid device, UV lamps, sterilization system by peroxide, …).

*Tested and approved for HPP (High Pressure Processing) quality seals.

*All the companies of the ILPRA Group operate according to ISO 9001:2008 compliance and their organization of production is fully internal. Before delivering, each machine undergoes the scrutiny of strict internal test procedures, carried out with the packaging materials received from customer. This procedure verifies that the product is in compliance with both the customer and the regulations in force with Ilpra. 

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Machine dimensions: 2690 x 1560 x 1743mm

Weight: 1000Kg+

Power: 230V / 400V

Air: 6 Bars

Max output: 7000 pieces per hour*

Filling Capacity: 50-500cc

Max Cup size: 95mm Diameter / 120mm height



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