SOLLAS Banding Equipment

  • Sollas Bandum 25/50

    The Bandum 25/50 is a hand operated, microprocessor controlled banding machine that applies a Polypropylene band around products in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.  Great for tamper-proofing and distribution purposes! Learn More

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Your production needs determine:

  • Which machine works best for you.
  • Which application offers the easiest maintenance and changeover capabilities.

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Bring An Extra Element Of Design & Appearance to Your Products With Banding

Easy to operate and designed with a wider range of products in mind, our package banding equipment adds a touch of product safety and convenience to every neatly prepared bundle. Popularly used to improve cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and any other products that can benefit from reliable securement, our compact and affordable package banding equipment makes it easy to create a clutter-free and tamper-proof product finish.

The Benefits of Package Banding Include:

  • Low maintenance
  • Adjustable
  • High-end look
  • Ease of operation
  • & More

Custom tailored to provide precise cellophane wrapping for each specific product type, time and material-wasting manual applications are proactively avoided. Efficiency and accuracy define our overwrapping machines, providing the stunning, protected, and consistent final design that your satisfied customers will come to know and appreciate.

Available in both a compact tabletop and castor-wheel-mounted design, mobile and convenient banding across your facility becomes the new standard. Easily roll our package banding equipment to various stations as product runs complete, and simply plug in our user-friendly system to begin producing up to 20 perfectly banded products per minute. Depending on your preferences and specific product needs, other adjustable and flexible options, include:

  • Accepts Polypropylene & Kraft Paper in 25mm & 50mm Widths for a Tailored Bundle Appearance
  • Multiple Banding Tightness Levels Supported by Onboard Microprocessor for Greater Consistency and a Sturdy Seal That Prevents Product Shifting
  • No Product Specific Parts: Any product that fits within the LxWxH parameters (see the brochure) will work without the need to adjust settings when bundling mixed products.
  • Safe Foot Pedal & Optional Load Sensor for Streamlined Banding: With the addition of a back plate and support for soft products, finishing your products with even and consistent banding is easily accomplished.
package banding equipment

Do You Need a Package Banding Supplier?

As the exclusive supplier of the latest banding technologies from our world-renowned partner SOLLAS, prompt delivery and clear product explanations are at the foundation of our service model. Along with comprehensive assistance with comparisons, education, and faster delivery across North America, our banding and overwrapping machine suppliers stand behind every product with years of maintenance, repair, and resupply expertise. As your partners, ensuring your continued peak performance is our promise. We’ll teach you everything you need to know about the machines, and you can count on our seasoned team to solve any issues with courtesy and a sense of urgency.

Whether you need a new roll of banding material or your machine was damaged on the factory floor, providing our partners with the level of support we would expect for our own business comes standard. We’re glad to help you compare the right products for your needs, connect you with the best financing options, and offer a range of other innovative packaging solutions beyond the best banding equipment.

Get in touch with our helpful team to learn more, and prepare to bring out the best in your brand with package banding equipment that is affordable, convenient, and easy to use!