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ILPRA is the top Tray Sealing brand globally, producing in excess of 1,000 units each year. Used primarily for shelf-life extension and containment of prepackaged foods, our tray sealing machines provide small, medium and large scale production operations. From small delis to large scale food manufacturing, we have a solution for every industry thanks to our largest Tray Sealing portfolio in the equipment industry. Regardless of the model, our machines are made all from stainless steel / anodized aluminum, are wash-down friendly, and all perform a high quality die cut / seal (‘cut to shape’).

Machines are designed in multiple ways to be better tailored to specific needs. We offer tabletop units, multi-lane, and inline models, each offering specific advantages over the other. Most models can perform the following packaging types: Sealing Only, Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), Vacuum Only, of Vacuum Skin Packaging (VSP). All units however are tested and approved of HPP (High Pressure Pasteurization, from a seal quality standpoint.

Let’s discuss the basic packaging types in more detail.

Sealing Only and Modified Atmosphere equipment

As the name implies, each machine within the ILPRA Tray Sealing lineup can perform both Sealing Only or Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP). This is simply a matter of changing a setting within the control panel of the machine. Sealing only applications typically include frozen entrees, or produce. Whereas the MAP applications can be anything fresh, such as: pasta, meat, poultry, hummus, and dairy.

In the MAP process we extract all the air within the chamber, before injecting the correct gas type/mixture that your application calls for. We inject by the means of our patented PROGAS method. With this patented method, we only use a small bit of vacuum before injecting the gas into the tray, rather than wasting gas and filling the entire chamber, like other competitors. In conclusion, we increase speeds, and decrease gas consumption while achieving the best possible shelf life for your product.

Vacuum Only

Vacuum Only applications are typically performed when a customer is considering using HPP (High Pressure Pasteurization). High Pressure Processing (HPP) is a cold pasteurization technique by which products, already sealed in its final package, is introduced into a vessel and subjected to a high level of pressure (87,000psi) transmitted by water. In this application, the ILPRA Tray Sealer needs to extract as much air out of the packaging as possible, to help ensure the final package will perform under the HPP process. If there is too much air within prior to HPP, the package will fail.

tray sealers for vacuuming sealing foods

Vacuum Skin Packaging (VSP)

Vacuum Skin Packaging is typically seen in the following industries: frozen/fresh ready meal, fresh beef / poultry, and seafood (with 10K ‘breathable’ film). In this application, the film is heated, stretched, and then vacuumed, pulling the film tightly to the product. Once the film is vacuumed in full, the film takes the complete shape of the product, and heat sealed to the tray. This provides the following advantages: secures the product in place, increase shelf appeal to consumer, prolongs shelf life and sustains highest quality of product by preserving flavor.

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Which machine works best for you, and which application offers the easiest maintenance and changeover capabilities, depends solely on what production needs you demand. Whereas large scale food service companies may find modified atmosphere packaging a suitable solution to seafood processing, family-owned businesses who process poultry may find basic tray sealing equipment sufficient.

There’s no shortage of technical documentation available to assist you. To learn more, or to discuss potential machine purchases, reach out by phone or email. 215-822-0600

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ILPRA America, provides Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) semi-automatic and fully-automatic Tray Sealing, Filling/Sealing, and Thermoforming machinery. ILPRA machines are suitable for the Meat, Poultry, Dairy, Produce, Ready Meal, Pasta, Bakery and Seafood.

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