ILPRA Accessories

  • Meat Phasing Conveyor from Portioning Line

    This system allow pre-portioned meat products to be integrating into an automating line. With precision control we are able to control the placing of the various meat products into trays, prior to running through the ILPRA tray sealer. See video for demo. Also within, ILPRA use a high speed, high capacity denestor to ensure long […] Learn More

  • High Capacity Denestor

    This High Capacity Storage option for our detesters is essential for high speed applications, with optimizing production efficiency. Learn More

  • Stainless Steel Trolly

    Ilpra’s custom made Stainless Steel Trolly, is designed for the BASIC, ENERGY and ROTOBasic Table-top Tray Sealers, and allows for maneuverability of the machines. Learn More

  • Filling System

    Ilpra’s external filling systems add complete automation to your existing tray sealing and thermoforming line. Learn More

  • Anti Liquid Kit

    The Anti-Liquid Kit reject liquid from entering and destroying the vacuum pump, when vacuum is applied to applications containing a high volume of liquid (i.e. Fresh Mozzarella) Learn More

  • Changeover Devices

    The Tooling Removal Device(s) are a user friendly option, which assists the operator in removing heavy tooling single handily and making change-overs and cleaning much more efficient. Learn More

  • Screw Denestor

    The Screw Denestor is manufactured in-house in Vigevano Italy, and is integrated within our 1400 Tray Sealing lines for customers requesting the highest possible productions. Learn More

  • Pneumatic Denestor

    This Pneumatic Denestor manufactured in-house in Vigevano Italy, is an asset to any in-line 1400 series Ilpra machine, with the task of automatic feeding the conveyor with trays, resulting in efficient high output production. Learn More

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