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A piece of packaging equipment like SOLLAS Overwrapping and Banding machines are an investment, but it shouldn’t break the bank.

Because each machine is customized to your unique situation, you’ll never pay for more bells and whistles than what you actually need to get the job done.

On top of that, SOLLAS offers low-priced change parts, and change parts from earlier models are compatible with the newer versions. This flexibility means less money spent on your equipment and more spent on growing your company.

About SOLLAS Equipment

65 years

Founded in 1948, SOLLAS has over 65 years of experience in the packaging industry.

Through the decades, the Dutch company has stayed on top of developments in technology to provide the best standard and custom-tailored manufacturing equipment for our clients.

The SOLLAS Difference

The SOLLAS brand stands out from competitors in three major categories.

  • Packaging Quality

    SOLLAS machines offer extremely attractive packaging quality. You can see examples of products wrapped with SOLLAS technology here.

  • Consistency

    With decades to perfect their machines it shows in the consistent level of quality they display. If something ever does go wrong with your machinery down the road, it’s easy to get ahold of spare parts directly from the manufacturer.

  • Efficiency

    With output speeds as high as 100/minute and super quick changeover speeds, SOLLAS overwrappers are some of the most highly efficient on the market.

From cello machines to banding, SOLLAS can devise a solution to meet your specific requirements. We are proud to be one a few exclusive SOLLAS suppliers in North America.

Our product offerings fall into two categories:



High-end quality products should be wrapped and sealed using high-quality machinery. SOLLAS overwrapper machines have earned a reputation for both quality and innovation.

Overwrapping machines are used to protect square and rectangular products from:

  • Damage,
  • Moisture, and
  • Theft

Also called tuck and fold wrapping, overwrapping creates a neat “gift wrapped” look that is ideal for packaging:

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Cosmetics

  • Foods

  • Coffee

  • Stationary

  • Other small and medium-sized products

Whether you’ve never purchased an overwrapping machine or you’re looking to upgrade an old one, it can be hard to know exactly what you need. Come learn more about what each SOLLAS machine offers.


Banding Equipment

Banding equipment allows you to add a band of heat sealable material around a single product, or around multiple products, to create a bundle. In addition you can also use banding equipment to close products as well.

High-end products should have a high-end appearance and banding allows you to bring that extra design and appearance to your products.

In addition, it allows you the ability to add promotional or informative text when needed.

Some of the key benefits of using SOLLAS banding equipment is

  • Different products can be handled in mixed runs
  • Adjustable tension of the band
  • Sealing element do not touch the actual products
  • Ease of operation
  • Low maintenance

Information is available today

High end equipment requires a high end touch to fully assess your needs and explore solutions.

We are here to guide you through the process by:

  • Helping you fully understand your production needs
  • Providing expert assessments of the best solution(s) for your unique needs

To learn more, or to discuss potential machine purchases, reach out by phone or email.

sollas machine

Exclusive products deserve luxurious wrapping. Proudly home to the most reliable overwrapping machines on the market, our SOLLAS machines are changing the way companies across North America improve product image and protection. As the exclusive provider for SOLLAS America, we’re committed to providing our partners with a competitive edge with more ways to refine packaging and stand out on the shelves.

Seen on safer seals for pharmaceutical products, popular perfumes, and cosmetic packaging of all kinds, our lineup of SOLLAS equipment simplifies high-end product design. Stunning overwraps protect products from moisture and damage, while simultaneously adding a professional appeal that captures customer attention. Use with transparent wrapping, customize your product style with a colorful seal, and benefit from:

Ease of Inventory Organization:

Investing in package banding equipment provides direct utility for bulk goods, improved retail management, and promoted package deals. Your business partners will love the organized simplicity that comes with neatly sealed bundle packs, and your customers will appreciate the attention to quality when your professionally secured packaging arrives in mint condition.

Reduced Operating Costs:

With a custom-tailored SOLLAS machine designed to meet your precise wrapping needs, the result is less product waste while efficiently wrapping more products. Our high-efficiency equipment is easily programmable to ensure a flawless film is applied; only use the exact amount of wrapping material you need, and save time and money on labor, excessive material use, and wrapping mistakes.

Ongoing Support & Resupplies:

Licensed and experienced with all things SOLLAS equipment, we stand behind our leading overwrap technologies with courteous and constant support. Along with full-service installation, equipment education, and long-term care, we provide wholesale access to films and every other essential you need to reach new heights in packaging success.

Contact Us If You’re In Need Of Our Services Today

Accessing the right overwrapping equipment for your needs begins with transparent and informative guidance at Roberts Technology Group. With decades of industry-specific insight and a willingness to go above and beyond to improve your processes, we never hesitate to answer any questions, teach you more about our machines, and assist in any way that we can.

For detailed product comparisons or assistance with another SOLLAS inquiry, contact our experts and discover how our rapid and reliable wrapping machinery can benefit your business today.

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