SOLLAS High-End Overwrapping Machinery

High-end products should be wrapped and sealed using high-quality machinery. Sollas has earned a reputation for both quality and innovation with our line of reliable packaging machines.

Overwrapping is used to protect square and rectangular products from damage, moisture, and theft. Also called tuck and fold wrapping, overwrapping creates a neat “gift wrapped” look that is ideal for packaging pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, foods, coffee, stationary, and other small and medium-sized products.

Overwrapping vs Shrink Wrapping

Do you need an over wrapper, a shrink wrapper, or both?

Overwrapping has several benefits over shrink wrap. For one, it’s more energy efficient. The use of shrink wrap requires each package to go through a heat tunnel so that the polyethylene film fitted loosely around it shrinks to fit. Because over wrapper uses a “tuck and fold” style of wrapping, it only needs to use heat where the seal is.

A typical shrink wrapper uses between 20 and 30 kilowatts – Sollas overwrapping machines only use between 2 and 6 kilowatts. If you’re using shrink wrap now, switching to a tuck-and-fold packaging method can help you save on energy costs over time.

Another reason customers tend to prefer overwrapper is that it simply looks nicer. The crisp polypropylene film folds at each end to give every package a neat, gift-wrapped appearance.

There are, however, situations where a shrink wrapper is recommended. You should use it for oddly shaped products that cannot be easily “gift wrapped”.

Overwrapping vs Flow Wrapping

Also known as horizontal bagging, flow wrapping is primarily used to package food products in a way that’s easy to open and reseal. Potato chip bags, candy wrappers, and energy bars all examples of products that are sealed using a flow wrapper.

Compared with a flow wrapper, an over wrapper uses less film. Both types of packaging use polypropylene film, but overwrapping offers greater versatility and can also be done with other materials such as paper, wax paper, or cellophane.

Flow wrapper is recommended for products, typically food, that requires an airtight seal. In any other case, overwrapping is superior in attractiveness and sustainability.

About Sollas

Founded in 1948, Sollas has over 65 years of experience in the packaging industry. Through the decades, the Dutch company has stayed on top of developments in technology to provide the best standard and custom-tailored manufacturing equipment for our clients. From cello machines to banding, Sollas can devise a solution to meet your specific requirements. We are proud to be one a few exclusive Sollas suppliers in North America.

The Sollas Difference

The Sollas brand stands out from competitors in three major categories.

  • Packaging Quality. Sollas machines offer extremely attractive packaging quality. You can see examples of products wrapped with Sollas technology here.
  • Consistency. Sollas has had decades to perfect their machines, and it shows in the consistent level of quality they display. If something ever does go wrong with your machinery down the road, it’s easy to get ahold of spare parts directly from the manufacturer.
  • Efficiency. With output speeds as high as 100/minute and super quick changeover speeds, Sollas overwrappers are some of the most highly efficient on the market.

Affordable Manufacturing Solutions

A piece of packaging equipment like a Sollas over wrapper is an investment, but it shouldn’t break the bank. Because each machine is customized to your unique situation, you’ll never pay for more bells and whistles than what you actually need to get the job done.

On top of that, Sollas offers low-priced change parts, and change parts from earlier models are compatible with the newer versions. This flexibility means less money spent on your equipment and more spent on growing your company.

Comparison of Sollas Overwrappers

Whether you’ve never purchased an overwrapping machine or you’re looking to upgrade an old one, it can be hard to know exactly what you need. As you examine each model, you’ll see detailed specifications, but how do those numbers and features translate to what you want your machine to accomplish?

Let’s take a more in-depth look at what each Sollas machine offers so that you can decide if it’s the best fit for you. And remember, you can always add product handling devices and other accessories to customize your equipment.

  • SOLLAS SE Series

    The SE Series is for those who want to experience Sollas quality at the most accessible price point. Highly versatile, equipment from the SE Series is easy to maintain and operate, offers flexible size ranges, and advanced Siemens PLC control. With a manual infeed, the maximum output can reach up to 25/minute – with a […] Learn More

  • SOLLAS XE Series

    Machines in the XE Series are designed to package individual and bundled products at medium to high speeds with a max output of 50/minute. Along with greater efficiency, this series offers fast changeover speeds and the potential for finer adjustments. Learn More

  • SOLLAS SX Series

    The SOLLAS SX Series has many of the same advanced features as the XE Series but performs more efficiently overall. With max output speeds ranging from 60/minute (SOLLAS SX60) to 80/minute (SOLLAS SX80), this over wrapper packs a swift and powerful punch for companies looking to boost their productivity. Learn More

  • SOLLAS FSX Series

    Finally, the FSX Series is the most advanced Sollas overwrapper we supply at RTG. With a max output of 100/minute and changeover speeds as fast as 10 minutes, this fully servo-driven machine is for companies looking to maximize efficiency. The FSX Series isn’t just fast – it’s smart, too. The product data menu stores all […] Learn More

Buy Your Packaging Equipment from a Reputable Supplier

Since 1995, RTG Inc. has supplied packaging machinery to a variety of industries in North America. In addition to Sollas overwrapping and banding machinery, we also specialize in ILPRA American tray sealers, fill sealers, and accessories. Whatever industry you’re in, we can help you come up with an efficient, consistent, and high-quality packaging solution. Contact us today to request a quote and see if you qualify for 0% equipment financing.