Pharmaceutical Packaging

Medical healthcare packaging requires a higher standard of protection and quality assurance. Since many forms of medication are sensitive to moisture and oxygen exposure, top-quality medicine packaging is an important consideration for manufacturers in every sector of the medical industry. To achieve these higher standards of protection and quality assurance, we offer a leading line of medicine packaging equipment, as well as an affordable selection of wrapping materials that are compatible with our entire catalog of SOLLAS overwrapping and banding machines.

By choosing a medicine packaging machine that features our eco-friendly overwrapping materials, your brand and your customers benefit from:

Improved Product Safety:

Professional heat-sealed films protect inventory from moisture, tampering, and physical damage. Customers will know that the product is unopened, and our easy-to-remove seals are as convenient as they are protective.

Reduced Inventory Waste:

Shielding products from moisture and oxygen extends the longevity of products. Save on inventory turnover, and keep your best-selling medications on the shelf longer with our versatile systems powering your new and improved protection plan.

Meet Rising Demand:

Our high-volume pharmaceutical packaging solutions are well-prepared to scale with your growing customer demand. Even our lowest-cost systems boast an incredible 25 per minute output capacity for on-time productivity that you can rely on.

Budget-Friendly Suppliers:

In addition to our direct-from-the-manufacturer wrapping and banding equipment pricing, we support our partners with unparalleled access to all of the wrapping and banding materials you need to protect your products. Our machines are also designed with energy efficiency in mind, further reducing your long-term operational expenses over time.

We Supply Packaging to the Medical Healthcare Industry for Their Products

As seasoned medicine packaging suppliers, we understand that each product type requires a unique approach to package protection. Unlike less adaptable wrapping machines that only support a narrow window of product types or use a single material type, SOLLAS has redefined the medical healthcare packaging industry with a range of custom-tailored wrapping solutions. For example, our medicine packaging machinery is capable of wrapping small boxes individually, bundling multiple units together, and features user-friendly programmability for ease of size and parameter adjustment.

Since we install, maintain, and repair all of the pharmaceutical packaging equipment we offer, our experienced team is well-versed in tailoring our equipment to meet the specific needs of your product line. We can provide you with a standardized system that is utilized for a single product type, or we can install a fully-adjustable machine that works for a variety of product dimensions with rapid changeover capabilities. As your product offerings expand or your box diameters change, our systems make it easy to produce consistent seals without the need for complex changes or a separate machine.

Along with our concise guidance and customized approach to supporting your productivity needs, our pharmaceutical packaging machinery and supplies include:

  • Responsive Shipping & Installations Across North America
  • Factory-Trained Maintenance & Repair Service
  • Personalized Staff Training & Ongoing Customer Support
  • Affordable Financing, Leasing, & Purchasing Options
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