ILPRA Thermoform Packaging

The models in the Formpack line offer an ideal solution to meet various ergonomic requirements and simplify format changes according to different packaging techniques and materials. EMEC technology, with servo-driven movements, guarantees superior performance and energy savings.

  • Formpack EasyForm

    The new Easyform model has been improved in both design and components: the combined forming and sealing mould are now newly designed. The working area, enlarged compared to the previous Easyform version, has higher performance and allows medium to high production capacities. Learn More

  • Formpack SpeedyForm

    The Speedyform model represents the entry level solution of Ilpra thermoforming machines. The machine is compact and space-saving, easily accessible both for performing format changes and for cleaning and maintenance operations. Learn More

  • Formpack F0/F660

    Formpack F0 and its variant F660 represent gradually more customizable solutions but with a common construction philosophy: small footprint, great flexibility, excellent production performance, standardized formats, ease of use. But above all, absolute and consistent reliability over time. Learn More

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  • Which machine works best for you.
  • Which application offers the easiest maintenance and changeover capabilities.

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