Cosmetic Packaging

Eco-Friendly Packaging for Cosmetic Products

Since our versatile SOLLAS overwrapping and banding equipment utilizes gentle sealing processes to create a flawless, gift-wrapped seal, you benefit from avoidable product damage and packaging inconsistencies that arise from harsh adhesives or forceful wrapping techniques. Our safer cosmetic packaging solutions are easier to use, come in a variety of customizable machine types, and ensure that your skincare packaging and fragrance packaging needs are met with high-capacity and multi-use functions for scalable brand growth.

By choosing cost-effective fragrance packaging and eco-friendly cosmetic packaging, reducing your global footprint while protecting your budget comes naturally. Unlike thicker plastics and other costly cosmetic packaging manufacturer processes, our thin and precise films utilize less material to create eye-catching fragrance and skin care packaging. Additionally, the heat-sealable film is incredibly low cost. When paired with our wholesale distribution model, accessing our affordable material resupplies equals long-term savings that positively impact your business with every package sealed.

We Package Products in the Cosmetics Industry, Including:

  • Makeup
  • Skincare
  • Cologne & Perfume

Stand out on the shelves and make an incredible first impression with cosmetic packaging that represents your brand the right way! Through the power of heat-sealed film, our eco-friendly cosmetic packaging looks great, protects your products, and provides customers with lasting confidence in your brand.

Are You in the Cosmetic Industry & Looking for Quality Packaging?

Appropriate for more types of cosmetic packaging, finding the best solution for your needs comes down to product type, productivity needs, and your budget. Any major business investment requires balanced consideration for each of these factors, and with decades of experience serving more industries, we take the guesswork out of designing an eco-friendly cosmetic packaging plan that is cheaper and more accessible for your brand.

During a complimentary consultation with our cosmetic packaging suppliers, we will discuss and help you decide:

  • Which Type & How Many Products You Need to Wrap
  • Which Size & Type of Machine Will Work Best in Your Space
  • The Upfront & Ongoing Operational Costs of Each Machine
  • If You Should Purchase, Lease, or Finance a Machine
  • & Other Important Topics
cosmetic packaging

Find the Right Cosmetic Packaging Solutions With Our Guidance

As the sole supplier for the newest SOLLAS overwrapping and bundling machines in the industry, accessing the best machine for your fragrance and skin care packaging needs is simplified with our services. We provide personal planning and education that revolves around the precise needs for your products and go above and beyond with turn-key assistance from custom installations to affordable film resupplies. If you are a cosmetic packaging manufacturer or fragrance packager that needs a better transparent finish, then your business deserves the best machine guidance, support, and care that we provide at Roberts Technology Group.

Contact Our Experienced Professionals To Learn More!

Excited to learn more about the many ways our eco-friendly cosmetic packaging can accentuate your products? Proudly serving cosmetic packaging manufacturers, makeup distributors, and skin care packaging professionals with unrivaled education and machine care, we hope to simplify your processes and expedite your success.

For detailed machine comparisons or to learn more about the user-friendly capabilities our skincare, makeup, and fragrance packaging equipment has to offer, reach out to our experienced team for honest guidance today.