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Do You Need A Packaging Supplier For Your Tobacco Product?

Hand-in-hand with our innovative selection of tobacco packaging machines, we are the premier provider of every support product you need to refine your tobacco packaging processes. We supply affordable tobacco packaging materials like polyurethane, banding materials, and a variety of optional components that we can custom install with your product-specific wrapping machinery. It’s all possible with our flexible assistance. From onsite installation and staff training, to the fastest repair and maintenance support anywhere in North America, Roberts Technology Group delivers solution-oriented results and faster service to every partner we support.

As the sole supplier of the latest tobacco packaging solutions from SOLLAS, you gain direct access to more product-specific benefits with our experienced team by your side. At Roberts Technology Group, we provide:

  • Flexible Financing & Competitive Pricing
  • Experienced Product Comparisons & Application Advice
  • Online, Phone, & In-Person Support
  • Detailed Planning Guidance: We install our machines around specific product parameters and production considerations for your facility.

Searching for a better tobacco packaging solution to achieve an attractive product presentation and promote longer-lasting freshness? As a reputable supplier of the best tobacco packaging machines in North America, our advanced lineup of overwrapping equipment delivers the consistently flawless and professional appearance your brand deserves. Preferred for cigar manufacturers, cigarette companies, and loose tobacco brands alike, our tobacco packaging machines maximize product longevity, while simultaneously preventing moisture, oxygen, and tampering from negatively impacting your brand’s image or product quality.

Capable of wrapping any square or rectangular tobacco product, our powerful machines and helpful services enable a seamless packaging experience. In our leading lineup of tobacco packaging machines, built-in advantages include:

Scalable Volume Rates:

Whether you need to secure dozens or thousands of products with our eco-friendly overwrap, SOLLAS is the premier choice for manufacturers that manage both small batch and large volume tobacco production.

Multi-Size Compatibility:

User-friendly functionality makes it easy to tailor the product dimensions and quickly adjust to other product types as needed. Never compromise on a loose seal again, because our automated tobacco packaging machines ensure a smooth, consistent, and damage-free overwrapping that looks as great as it performs.

Ultra-Durable Equipment:

Leading tobacco companies trust our SOLLAS tobacco packaging machines because they exceed their productivity standards. Our built-to-last equipment features sturdier design elements, reliable onboard computing, and has been meticulously optimized for maximum energy efficiency and budget-friendly material savings.

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