FS 5000


The FS-5000 is capable of a vast array of customer production specifications (i.e. Sealing Only, Modified Atmosphere Packaging, Foil and film).

The FILL SEAL 5000 is a filling/sealing machine with an 8-station rotary table. It is completely automatic and able to achieve an output of 5000 pieces per hour.

The high versatility of this model allows to package a wide range of liquid and doughy products such as yogurt, cheese, milk, margarine, butter, jam, honey, sauces, soups, etc., even containing some solid parts. The machine can run several kinds of containers (such as PP, PET, APET, aluminium, couplet cardboard) and can seal both pre cut lids and films coming from reel.

Reliability – the main motions are mechanical, which grants a quick and precise working cycle and minimal maintenance operations. The control panel is friendly use, thus making the machine easy to run and reducing the cost of the staff training.

Hygiene – the IP 65 protection class and the industrial design make the cleaning operations of the machine simple and fast. Sanitisation systems (laminar flow cap, treatment of materials, etc. ) and filling systems with CIP facilities are available on request.

High technology – volumetric fillers with high dosing precision, first class components (Festo, Siemens, etc.) exclusive use of noble materials (stainless steel and anodized aluminium).

The all above mentioned features, besides a great quality/price rate, make this model as one of the most successful of ILPRA Fill Seal series.

*Tested and approved for HPP (High Pressure Processing) quality seals.


  • Automates the filling-sealing process
  • Up to 5000 pieces per hour
  • Electronic controls for high precision
  • Loading and ejection units
  • Filler made with AISI 316 stainless steel


Basic Options

A wide range of options is available to satisfy the several packaging requirements of customers, such as: additional filling systems, snap on lid systems, DOSATRONIC version with automatic adjustment of the filler, mixer to fit inside the hopper, etc.


*All the companies of the ILPRA Group operate according to ISO 9001:2008 compliance and their organization of production is fully internal. Before delivering, each machine undergoes the scrutiny of strict internal test procedures, carried out with the packaging materials received from customer. This procedure verifies that the product is in compliance with both the customer and the regulations in force with Ilpra. 

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Machine Footprint

ILPRA Fill Seal FS5000 layout


ILPRA Fill Seal FS5000 layout

Total Output: 5000 pieces per hour (product based)

Stations: 8

MAP Capable: Yes

Options available: Yes

Max Cup Size: TBA

Trays per cycle: Max 2















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