FP Speedy


This model is manufactured in excess of 100 every year, and is designed to meet the highest constructive Standards.

The machine is mainly constructed in stainless steel, Class protection IP65, and is conceived to be a cost-effective model. Just few of its strongest points: reliability, easy cleaning and maintenance, a simplified software for working parameters, many available accessories which make the machine fully customized. ILPRA improves the Speedy performance with innovative technology to obtain either low consumptions or capacity increase. For instance the Progas technology, as standard on the FOODPACK range, will reduce the gas consumption of 40% than traditional solutions, while the mechanical Speedy version avoid the cost of compressed air and reduce the maintenance ones.

*Tested and approved for HPP (High Pressure Processing) quality seals.

This machine serves the following industries:

  • Seafood Processing Plants (NOTE: this machine is VSP capable with 10K Film)
  • Meat and Poultry
  • Contract Packaging (Co-Packing)
  • Produce Processing Plants
  • Pasta
  • Ready Meals – Entrees
  • Baked Goods
  • Hummus, Salsa, Dips, and much more…

Tested and approved for HPP (High Pressure Processing) quality seals and 10K Skin/VSP Film, to plastic trays and/or boards.


*All the companies of the ILPRA Group operate according to ISO 9001:2008 compliance and their organization of production is fully internal. Before delivering, each machine undergoes the scrutiny of strict internal test procedures, carried out with the packaging materials received from customer. This procedure verifies that the product is in compliance with both the customer and the regulations in force with Ilpra. 

Machine Footprint

2020 SPEEDY Layout


Machine Dimensions: 2875 x 1570 x 955mm

Output: 10 cycles per minute (Sealing Only = N) / 8 cycles per minute (MAP = VG). ***Application dependent, may vary***

Max Tray Size: 380 x 270mm (1 impression) 180 x 270mm (2 impression) 110 x 270mm (3 impression)

Power: 230V

Pneumatic Feeding: 6 Bars

Weight: 620Kg (N) 700Kg (MAP)

Availability: Readily Available

Parts and Service: USA


Paper Eco Cup application for Almonds

Gas Flushing Meat and Pasta

Skin Pack Meat to Boards

Skin Packing Frozen Meals

Fresh Mozzarella Tray Sealed

Meal Prep Application with Skin Packaging

Automatic Line on Speedy

Skin Packaging Various Meat Products

Fresh Pasta with MAP

Skin Packaging Chicken

SPEEDY Changeover Video

Washing down of the ILPRA SPEEDY

Tray Sealing of Olives

Tray Sealing of Olives with Oil

Fresh Mozzarella Tray Sealing Line

Tray Sealing Aluminum Trays

Tray Sealing Fish product in Oil

Plant Based Burgers Tray Sealed

Skin Packaging Various Meat to Flat Eco-Boards

Meal Prep Application

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