Determining Stretch Wrapper Usage

Situations When (And When Not) To Use a Customized Stretch Wrapper

There is no packing line and warehouse that is the same as another. Each one has its own unique challenges. The challenges will depend on things like the industry and application. The use of a stretch film overwrapper is almost certain regardless of the packaging needs. The ultimate goal is that the product is securely packaged before it is transported to the final destination.

Most manufacturers are shifting to pallets when it comes to end-of-the-line packaging. This has proved to improved efficiency when it comes to product distribution. The main material used for packaging the pallets is stretched wrappers and stretched film. The market is awash with plenty of standard stretch wrappers. There are also different ways in which they could be customized to fit the needs of a business. It is always going to be a challenge for a business to know when to go for standard wrapper as opposed to a customized one. We’ve highlighted some of the factors that could have a bearing on the kind of wrapper that a business chooses.

Stretch Wrapper Application

You should look at the production and its application. Perishable products will require a customized solution. The nature of the product will also be factored in when looking at the kind of wrapper to select. It should be noted that there are standard wrappers that could still be used for unique products.

A good example is the use of automatic arm stretch wrapper to wrap loads that don’t rotate. In such a situation, it won’t matter if it is a heavy or light load as long as it doesn’t rotate.

You can go for customized solutions especially when dealing with perishable products. Banded stretch film wrappers will provide room for breathing during transportation which is important for perishable products.

There are other customizations that could be incorporated depending on the type of load or nature of the product. For instance, including a locking system on a specific stretch wrap will make wrapping of wheel carts easier. Another alternative would be incorporating a top sheet mechanism to the overall wrapping process. This gives the pallet robust protection from the elements during the transportation process.

Best Product Wrapper For Your Industry

You don’t always need a customized wrapper to achieve the final production goal when it comes to transportation logistics. Most standard wrappers are more than capable of doing a decent job. However, there are some situations that will call for custom solutions. These custom solutions are to overcome specific challenges that come about because of the nature of the product or the production line.

Going for a reliable provider will increase overall productivity and also improve the quality of packaging in a company. You will need to do research on your needs before you can decide on a solution. Go through the products of different vendors before you make the final decision. You will be surprised by the variety that is out there. For information, you can check out




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