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Exclusive North American Distributer of ILPRA & SOLLAS

Roberts Technology Group is the exclusive distributer in North America of ILPRA America and SOLLAS America packaging machines.


As a leading packaging machine distributor, our experienced guidance and onsite assistance results in packaging and sealing machines that better suit your needs. Clear client education is at the foundation of our business model, and our expert service teams empower our partners by taking the guesswork out of packaging machinery technology.

With access to premier maintenance service, responsive shipping, and other helpful services like turn-key installations and staff education, we are ready to help you enhance your packaging process. With access to better brands like ILPRA and SOLLAS machines, our trusted machinery protects your budget with longer-lasting components. We protect your business with preventative care, expedited repairs, and accessible guidance before, during, and after we help you achieve peak productivity.

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ILPRA AMERICA, ILPRA AMERICA, provides semi-automatic and fully-automatic Tray sealing, Filling/Sealing, and Thermoforming machinery.

Each machine performs specific sealing types, whether Heat Seal with Optional Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP/Gas Flush) or Vacuum Skin Packaging (VSP).

ILPRA machines are suitable for the following industries:

Meat Poultry Bakery Ready Meal
Dairy Produce Pasta Seafood

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SOLLAS America, provides manufactures high quality film wrapping equipment for various consumer good industries throughout the world.

SOLLAS machines are suitable for the following industries:

Cosmetic Paper Confectionary
Pharmaceutical Personal Care Food

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Your production needs determine:

  • Which machine works best for you.
  • Which application offers the easiest maintenance and changeover capabilities.

Whereas large scale food service companies may find modified atmosphere packaging a suitable solution to seafood processing, family-owned businesses who process poultry may find basic tray sealing equipment sufficient.

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Our Packaging Machines Are Preferred for the Following Industries:

  • Food
  • Paper
  • Cosmetics
  • & More

Quality assurance, scalable growth, and streamlined packaging performance are made possible with the leading packaging technology. At Roberts Technology Group, we provide packaging machine innovation and proudly deliver versatile packaging machines to transform limited production capabilities into exponential growth potential.

As specific and ever-changing as your production requirements, our catalog of packaging machinery technology from ILPRA and SOLLAS America adapts to and evolves with your needs. Ranging from longer-lasting meal prep packaging to professionally-sealed cosmetic wrapping, the right packaging and sealing machines integrate cost, time, and productivity advantages into the fundamentals of your operations.

Top-Notch Packaging & Sealing Machinery for Consumer Goods

Advanced packaging machinery technology is at the heart of every successful production and preparation facility. To help you achieve the best possible outcomes, we help you choose the correct automatic filling equipment, food tray sealers, and thermoforming machinery to get you there. Many of our versatile machines support a multitude of product types, making it easier to adjust your product offerings and improve quality control with only a single packaging sealing machine in place.

If you currently offer food items like yogurt, meats, pasta, or ready-made meals, or world-renowned ILPRA packaging and sealing machines come with various beneficial packaging applications. For example, when a food tray sealer is complemented with a Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) system, fresh foods like fish and poultry retain their flavor, color, and shelf life significantly longer. With other worthwhile machinery features like heat and vacuum sealing, UV disinfection, and user-friendly programmability, our adaptable sealing, and thermoforming machinery give your production team complete control and confidence.

For leading product presentations and cost-effective bundling convenience, our affordable overwrapping machines boost product appeal and simplify inventory management, organized distribution, and low-cost production. Popularly used to wrap pharmaceuticals, personal care items, and any other product that deserves the best wrapping available, our easy-to-use SOLLAS packaging technology is the preferred choice.

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During our helpful consultations and informative discussions, we address important topics, such as:

  • Which types of products would you like to package or seal?
  • What are your current and future production projections?
  • What is your available budget; do you plan on leasing or purchasing equipment?
  • Does your team have experience with packaging technology or thermoforming machinery?
  • What is the production area like within your facility? How much space do you have, do you need a tabletop thermoforming machine?

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As your production allies, the success of our company depends upon our success of yours. We never hesitate to help the moment you have an issue and deliver solution-oriented guidance every time you reach out. For product inquiries, transparent pricing, or assistance with an impactful facility update, contact our experienced team for free information today.

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