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Exclusive North American Distributer of ILPRA & SOLLAS

Roberts Technology Group is the exclusive distributer in North America of ILPRA America and SOLLAS America packaging machines.

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ILPRA AMERICA, ILPRA AMERICA, provides semi-automatic and fully-automatic Tray sealing, Filling/Sealing, and Thermoforming machinery.

Each machine performs specific sealing types, whether Heat Seal with Optional Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP/Gas Flush) or Vacuum Skin Packaging (VSP).

ILPRA machines are suitable for the following industries:

Meat Poultry Bakery Ready Meal
Dairy Produce Pasta Seafood
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SOLLAS America, provides manufactures high quality film wrapping equipment for various consumer good industries throughout the world.

SOLLAS machines are suitable for the following industries:

Cosmetic Paper Confectionary
Pharmaceutical Personal Care Food
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Your production needs determine:

  • Which machine works best for you.
  • Which application offers the easiest maintenance and changeover capabilities.

Whereas large scale food service companies may find modified atmosphere packaging a suitable solution to seafood processing, family-owned businesses who process poultry may find basic tray sealing equipment sufficient.

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RTG Films is an AIB Certified ("food safe") division which specializes in film Converting / Distributing of Flexible Packaging Films. Since our inception in 1995 in Montgomeryville, PA, we have been providing our customers with premium Flexible Films at the most reasonable cost. Please visit our website to learn more about RTG Films.