3 Ways to Reduce Plastic Use In Your Packaging Process

3 Ways to Reduce Plastic Use In Your Packaging Process

Plastic use continues to decrease worldwide as many see the harm that it causes to the planet. As businesses continue to make changes to be more environmentally friendly, reducing the amount of plastic used in the packaging process remains paramount to attracting new customers, retaining current customers, and being more eco-friendly. However, plastic has been used for years, making this task challenging for businesses. However, these three simple tips can help your company reduce the plastic you use in packaging.

Use Smaller Boxes For Shipment

When companies ignore the small details of the packaging process, it often leads to more waste and more plastics being used. First, an appropriately sized box should be used. Companies that use too large boxes often find that they need more fillers, resulting in more plastics and more waste. Most companies will find that they still need to use fillers before shipping products, but these fillers don’t have to be comprised of plastic. Instead, opt for paperboard fillers that are biodegradable and sustainable. These can be purchased in bulk to maintain a cost-effective approach.

Securely Package Items To Prevent Damage

Packages should be securely packaged to ensure that products are not damaged. For example, eco-friendly film can be used around cosmetics packaging, such as makeup and fragrances. This will ensure that the box does not open and provides a secure packaging option for businesses. When selecting an option like this for your business, use eco friendly cosmetic packaging to remain environmentally friendly. Most companies do this anyway, but they use plastic materials. If your business doesn’t wrap things before shipping them, it’s time to start. This can further reduce the need for fillers because the wrapping helps keep products secure.

Use Eco-Friendly Packing Materials

Reducing packaging during shipping is only one way to reduce the plastics your company uses. When packaging products, consider environmentally friendly materials instead of plastics. For example, opt for a tray packing machine that is compatible with fiber boards, which are more environmentally friendly than their plastic counterparts. Cosmetic companies can opt for sustainable packagings, such as recyclable glass instead of plastic.

Reducing the amount of plastic a company uses can be mind-boggling, but it doesn’t have to be. Instead, break down the complete cycle of producing and shipping a product into steps. Start with manufacturing the product, including the packaging used. For example, a tube of lipstick requires plastic for the tube that the cosmetic goes in. Eliminate plastic as much as you can. After that, move on to the next step, shipping out the product. Attempt to reduce plastic in every step of the process.

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