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Choosing the right or wrong packaging equipment from Roberts Technology Group can be an overwhelming task as in most cases, you aim to get it right on the first try. In most cases, the choice of the right packaging equipment is what sets an efficient and productive packaging firm aside from the non-efficient and unproductive one. Boiling down to efficiency and productivity there is the need to go for the best packaging equipment which improves the business all round.

The choice of the right equipment for a given firm, irrespective of what they are specialized in, will be determined based on a number of factors such as the size of the food processing and packaging company, the company’s needs, the budget set for purchase of packaging equipment, the performance output needed by the company, the growth estimation and expectation and ultimately, the type of product to be packaged. All the factors listed are essential to making an informed decision on the type of packaging equipment to choose.

Taking into consideration the number, brands, sizes, and types of equipment in the market, the decision making process may be complex and as such, there is the need to understand the following points which will ensure that you make the best decision possible.

The difference between FFS and Tray Seal Packaging

The FFS stands for Form, Fill, Seal Packaging. This packaging option makes use of rolls of films that are formed into pouches or containers using heat. The pouch or container is then filled with the food item to be packaged and then heat is applied to cover and seal the film on top of the pouch or container. Tray sealing however makes use of already bought trays that have been filled with fool items. The film is dragged over the tray and heat is used to cover and seal the container.

Which packaging system is better?

When choosing the right equipment for the company, there is the need to consider a number of factors. The choice of equipment depends on the company and its requirement. While FFS packaging may be the right choice for one company, it may be the wrong choice for another based on the food items they are dealing with and the needs of the company. To ensure that you make the best choice, there is the need to make a proper match between the needs of the company and the specifications of the packaging equipment.

In making the right decision, below are the differences between the two equipment

  1. FFS offers more flexibility in package size and shape thus allowing for rapid programming of various package shapes including for bulky products.
  2. FFS boasts of higher packaging output due to the same-line package production system
  3. FFS presents companies with a lower package cost as it eliminates the time loss between production and packaging thus offering a more efficient production line.

The tray sealing equipment however offer the advantage of a higher product protection due to the sturdier seals. In addition to this both the FFS and the tray sealing offer Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP); gas flushing and other features.

What to do when buying?

When buying either of the equipment, it is recommended that one must analyze and quantify the firm’s objective in line with the advantages offered by each of the equipment while putting into perspective factors such as product types, required transition speed from one product to another, equipment budget, types of product handled, security of equipment, maintenance needs and difficulty, maintenance budget and more.

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