Flow-Wrap vs. Overwrap Machines

Learn The Differences Between Leading Wrapping Machine Variations

Wrapping Machines wrap flexible packaging materials, (e.g. paper, aluminum, plastic film), around a product or group of products. Other common descriptions of this style of packaging are Flow-wrapping, Overwrapping and Horizontal Form Fill Seal. Because film over wrapper machines are so versatile they are used in many sectors, however, it is most common in food, bakery and confectionery for single items which can range from confectionery (count line), bars and cakes through to cheese and sausages.

Types Of Wrapping Machines

There are many types of wrapping machines used in production today, many of which are designed to work better for the particular industry in which they are used, such as pharmaceutical overwrappers being used to package medical equipment and products safely. Here are some of the key points of two of the most popular types of packaging and wrapping machines.

Flow Wrapping

Flow wrapping is a style of wrapping that is used for coupons, promotional items, samples, small items getting mailed and more. This process is a horizontal form, fill and seal process but is done on a “Flow wrapping” machine (most common is a DoughBoy) and uses an OPP film, which does NOT get heated or shrunk. OPP (Oriented Polypropylene) can have a “wrinkly” feel to it and is more rigid than a shrink film. Certain types of OPP are FDA approved so that the finished piece may be inserted into another package when they come in direct contact with food. An example of this would be wrapped coupon found in a box of cereal.
Food (such as candy bars, breakfast bars, etc) can also be wrapped as long as the facility doing the packaging has the required food certifications and SOP’s (Standard Operating Practices) in place. The finished over-wrapped pieces can be cut individually or kept on a perforated “bandolier” so that they may be easily fan-folded and then fed into a machine on a secondary line. An OPP film can be clear or fully printed with customer’s artwork depending on the customer’s needs.

Overwrapping Machine

Overwrapping machines on the other hand are versatile machines which can wrap cylindrical, cubical and cuboids shaped solid products. This machine is used for collating and wrapping products in bundles of different shapes and sizes. Overwrapping Machine is also known as Cellophane Wrapping machine, manufactured by different companies based on latest technology and is used extensively for perfume carton and box wrapping. Overwrapping Machine has found its application in wide spectrum, which includes medical box, gum, health products, cubic sugar, cigarette, tape, soap and so on.

Perks of Overwrapping

They are designed to over wrap the products by wrapping a flexible packaging material. Overwrapping machine not only improves the appearance of the product, but also protects against theft and dust. The features of versatility and flexibility makes over wrapping being widely applied in a wide range of industries.

Overwrapping Machine is known globally for its aesthetic sealing of cartons and boxes. This is mostly offered with a wide range of sealing bar widths along with multiple sealing bar options. It is suitable for every application, which requires longitudinal sealing at the bottom of the product. The position of the lateral seal of the overwrap is extremely important. It is sometimes required that the lateral seal appears on the trailing edge of the carton.

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