How ILPRA Machines Are Changing The Food Industry

How ILPRA Machines Are Changing The Food Industry

Meal prep is convenient and nutritious, but many people still don’t have the time or skill to create meals they’ll want to eat throughout the week. Delivery meal-prep services allow people to have complete, balanced meals despite crowded schedules. But as the meal-prep delivery industry heats up, it becomes harder for companies to stay visible to prospective customers. Switching production to an ILPRA machine may be the change your company needs, whether you are a small operation or a massive, multi-product factory.

What Are ILPRA Machines and What Do They Do?

An ILPRA machine – which comes in different sizes and models – is a vacuum sealer that places a plastic layer over the opening of food trays and containers. Some ILPRA machines also fill the containers, depending on the type of food. The materials used and the shapes of the containers are customized as much as possible to your products’ requirements. The result is a package of fresh food that stores well (and depending on the product and customer adherence to storage requirements, a product that has a long shelf life), yet that is easy to open. The finished packages are clean and trim, with an appealing look.

How Customized Vacuum Sealing Food Protects Your Customers

Proper vacuum sealing and storage alone offer good benefits, but ILPRA-sealed packages have additional benefits. Customized trays allow you to create products that don’t have too much air in them and that aren’t too crowded, allowing for better reheating, for example, in meal-prep packages. The customization also allows you to create something that stacks better on a shelf, for example.

Why ILPRA Trays and Seals Are Revolutionary

The speed with which an ILPRA machine can package and seal food increases efficiency in production. The resulting packages increase efficiency in storage and contribute to keeping the food safe to consume. Even if you use generic containers, you can still create a great seal that displays the product clearly and lets consumers see exactly what they’re getting.

Meal prep has become a big business deal, with a lot of competition in the field. You need your products to stand out in a good way, with customers loving the freshness of the food and the ease of storage and preparation – not to mention you need that food to travel well as it goes on its delivery journey to the customer.

If your company is in search of a new food tray packing machine, Roberts Technology Group can help you. Choose from different sizes of machines that offer speedy production, and discuss working with ILPRA to create meal prep vacuum seal containers that work best for your foods. Get in touch with us today!