How The Meat Industry Is Changing With Skin Packaging

Whether you are a butcher or a meat packing plant, preparing meat for sale is challenging. People today are more conscious about the food they consume and are looking for ways to preserve the meat they buy. Luckily, our new sealing technology at Roberts Technology Group, Inc has made it possible to preserve meats longer by sealing out air that can speed up the spoiling process, and reduce the shelf life of meats like beef, pork chops, smoked salmon, and game. Such a process also reduces waste materials used in meat production – up to 50% in some cases! Combine our cutting-edge technology with our new packaging methods, and you are looking at saving more time while cutting down on costs associated with food storage and transportation. Here is how our new skin sealing technology can help preserve the meat and reduce waste materials

Our new skin packaging machine makes it possible to seal the inside of entire packages so that nothing can come in contact with the meat. We believe that, with this technology’s introduction into production, many diseases will be able to be stopped.

It Preserves And Improves The Flavor

Today, we live in an era in which health and hygiene are considered the most important things. Fortunately, our new skin sealing technology is hygienic because of the nano-scale barriers it creates around the meat, which prevent bacteria from coming into contact with it. Most importantly, our new nanotechnology ensures no contact between meat and other materials. In addition to being more hygienic, our packaging and sealing machine also reduces waste materials by wrapping only what is needed, which means that all unnecessary materials will not be wasted and, above all, will not contaminate food.

When making cold cuts or other products that cannot be grilled or cooked on a barbecue, you have to preserve their flavor, or else they are no good. Our new skin sealing technology can preserve the flavor of the meat. You must seal meat with our new skin sealing technology because it will help prevent oxidation which impacts the taste and flavor of the meat. In other words, our packaging and sealing machine will help preserve the color and taste of meat, making it better than before and preserving its shelf life.

More Environmentally Friendly

By using our new skin sealing technology, it will be possible to limit the use of food additives and preservatives and give more space in the production lines for other products like yogurt. On average, this technology saves 100 times more water than another packaging. To summarize, by using our sealing machine, you can protect your meat from harmful agents, protect its quality and maintain its flavor while saving water, money, and space.

Our new skin sealing technology at Roberts Technology Group, Inc is revolutionizing the meat industry, and consumers are becoming increasingly aware of it. Most companies in the industry are using this technological solution to preserve meat and reduce their environmental footprint by decreasing waste materials over time. The idea behind our sealing and packaging machines is to limit contact between meat surfaces with oxygen, making it harder for bacteria to grow and spoil food quickly. If you would love to uncover more regarding our new skin sealing technology, you can call us at 215-822-0600 or email us at Our professional customer support team is always ready to attend to your concerns.