How Tray Sealing Plays a Role in Reducing Food Waste

How Tray Sealing Plays a Role in Reducing Food Waste

Quality food is always in demand, and everyone wants their food to be fresh and tasty. Since many consumers are on the go, there has been an increased demand for new food preservation techniques. High-quality food trays and sealing practices can help eliminate food waste and lead to more sustainable packaged food solutions!

Modified Atmospheric Packaging

Modified Atmospheric (MAP) Packaging is intended to modify the atmosphere inside food tray packages. This atmospheric alteration will extend the food’s shelf life. MAP is frequently used for foods that need to be stored in a cooling unit.

The second aspect of the process requires the correct type of covering material. The film is called vacuum skin packaging – (or VSP Skin.) This film is made from a thin layer of plastic. The plastic allows for clear viewing of the food while reinforcing the antimicrobial properties of the changed atmosphere.

Modified Atmospheric Process

According to NPP, the modification of the atmosphere is accomplished by injecting an inert form of nitrogen into the food tray and then withdrawing it. This process of insertion and withdrawal is repeated several times. When the process is completed, oxygen will be displaced inside the tray. The combination of this atmospheric alteration and storage at a decreased temperature will stop the normal spoilage process.

The process begins when food-filled trays enter a conveyor belt. They travel on the belt until they reach a platform called a seal plate. This plate holds the tray in place while it is lifted to the waiting VSP film. The film is then fused over the tray, and the seal is fixed in place with heat.

ILPRA Tray Sealers

As the film is being heat-sealed, another part of the machine quickly cuts the film. The seal plate is lowered after a set amount of time, and then the sealed tray moves forward on the conveyor belt to the out-feed of the machine. The cycle is then finished, and the sealed tray is now ready to be stored in a cooling unit.

ILPRA has been a respected manufacturer of tray sealers since 1955. They currently offer several varieties of tray sealers, which are now being used in food preparation companies worldwide. They offer sizes and designs to suit your company’s production needs.

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Lei™ Tray

If you’re interested in further reducing your environmental impact and improving sustainability practices, consider upgrading your food trays to Lei™ Tray. This packaging uses 90% less plastic, is entirely compostable/recyclable, and is compatible with MAP. Roberts Technology Group is proud to support Lei™ Tray to bring you a sustainable solution that extends the shelf life of your food products and makes it easy for your customers to enjoy.

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