RC (Pick and Place)


The RC model is an automatic vertical case packer able to be integrated with different packaging machines. Highly accurate, it meets high standards of productivity. It provides a quick and easy format change, with the simple disconnection of compressed air and subsequent loosening of the gripping heads without the need for tools. The possibility of adding numerous options makes it a versatile and adaptable solution. The high possibility of customization of the machine makes it suitable to operate on many types of products and formats.


Main Standard Features

Structure in stainless steel
Compact layout
Touch screen
Servo-assisted row forming
Maximum integrability and customization
Total accessibility

Main Options and Accessories

Labeling system
Marking systems
Box and package transport systems
Mechanical or vacuum gripping systems
Large version

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Machine Footprint


Main technical data

Machine dimensions (mm) 2200 x 1300 x 1800h
Machine weight (Kg) approx. 900
Installed Power (Kw) 3
Required pressure 6 bars
Air consumption (Nlt/M) 15×20
Max. box size (mm) 300(W) x 400(L)


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