Importance of Machine Maintenance

Expert Tips On Proper SOLLAS Packaging Machine Maintenance

The longevity and performance of packaging machines will depend on how well they’re maintained. It doesn’t matter if it is overwrapper packaging machines or high-end machines, proper maintenance will ensure that they’re working at optimum performance. The machine will also serve you for many years if it is well taken care of. In order to get on the road for effective maintenance, we share some expert tips that will ensure that you get the best out of your packaging machines.

Follow a Preventive Maintenance Schedule

This is the most important consideration if you want to extend the lifespan of your packaging machines. Just like a car, a packaging machine needs to be regularly checked and maintained to guarantee optimum peak performance during the production process. You should formulate and adhere to a strict maintenance schedule. The formulation of the maintenance schedule should start immediately the packaging machine has been installed in the facility. The maintenance schedule should include:

  • Machine Inspection
  • Lubrication of the Machine
  • Monitoring and changing of wear parts

Such a maintenance schedule will require technical expertise to make it a reality. Ideally, there should be a dedicated staff who is well trained in not only to handle the equipment but also to carry out the maintenance. Based on the maintenance schedule, there are tasks that will need to be performed daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.

Combination of Autonomous Tasks

It is recommended that the in-depth tasks should be combined with the maintenance schedule tasks. There are maintenance tasks that are done on a daily or weekly basis. Such tasks usually have simple visual cues and the operators become familiar as they do them on a regular basis. The technician will easily detect if something is wrong as it is almost an autonomous task.

Partnering with Responsive Packaging OEMs

Every second in the packaging process counts and having a machine down could be disastrous. It is crucial that you thoroughly vet the OEM before you purchase the packaging machine. You can ask about the related costs, technical service availability, and method of contact.

You should partner with a manufacturer who knows the value of customer support. There should be someone to respond to your email or phone calls in a timely manner. The manufacturer should also be able to provide remote support when it is needed as anything could happen during the operations.

Understanding the Spare Parts

The OEM should provide a list of recommended spare parts after delivery and installation of the packaging machine. The high wear parts should always be kept in stock. You don’t want to wait for a spare to be manufactured when production is at full capacity.

Planning for Upgrades and Obsolescence

The packaging machine will require upgrades as some parts could become obsolete. Technology is always developing and that found in packaging machines is no exception. You should be in constant contact with the machine’s manufacturer so that you are aware if there are new upgrades.



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