Compare and Contrast: Marden Edwards vs. SOLLAS AMERICA

Eye appeal is buy appeal” according to marketing expert Karen Saunders. The packaging does more than protect the food, cosmetics and other items we purchase. Packaging drives the sales decision, too.

Since the invention of cellophane in 1908 to protect items from moisture and handling, buyers have grown accustomed to touching, seeing food, cosmetics and more before purchasing. How a package is wrapped or closed drives perceptions of quality and value.

There are hundreds of packaging machines available on the market today. In this guide, we compare and contrast Marden Edwards and SOLLAS AMERICA overwrappers.

What Is Overwrapping?

The first machines to automate package wrapping were created in the 1920s by the Package Machinery Company of West Springfield,  Massachusetts. Overwrapping takes a box-shaped carton, tray, bundle, etc. and rolls a length of film or paper around it.

The film is cut to fit and the base seam is sealed. A series of plates tucks and folds the ends in the traditional diamond-shape. A heated plate then seals the ends.  The only requirement is the package shape must be rectilinear.

Overwrapping is different from shrink-wrapping in the use of materials and the perceived value. Overwrap film folds with a crisp edge and is fairly rigid. Shrink-wrap is soft and flexible.

Why Choose Overwrap?

There are several reasons for choosing to overwrap as compared with shrink-wrap packaging. The most important are:

Visual Appeal

The most significant reason to choose to overwrap is the improved perception of product quality. Chocolate and cosmetic products often use a thick film overwrap to give a “hand-wrapped” quality to goods.


Overwrapped goods have a complicated sealing process and are very difficult to reseal once opened. Shrink-wrap is easy to reseal. It is easy to hide new seams.

Cost Reduction

Overwrapping with film or paper is less expensive than a complete carton. Block soaps are often overwrapped into family packs rather than boxing. Also, overwrap film or paper is less expensive than polyolefin shrink wrap.

Printed Overwraps

Overwrap film can be printed and packed without distortion. Advertising and marketing messages remain intact.

Easy Open

Tear tapes allow quick and easy wrap removal despite the tamper-proof aspect of overwrap packaging. Persons with fine motor and mobility challenges find “frustration=free” packaging advantages.

Smell and Aroma

Overwrapping provides a tight, almost hermetic seal, Shrink-wrap is perforated to allow air to escape during the shrink process.

A Barrier to Cross-Contamination

Shrink-wrap, even when sealed allows some moisture and air to cross. Overwrap films are impervious to bacteria and other contaminants.

Waste Reduction

Overwraps don’t waste excess film during the wrapping process. Overwrap film weighs less than an equivalent volume of shrink film.

Energy Saver

Overwrapping uses little heat. It is only applied at the seal.  This means that an overwrapping machine uses 2 to 6 kilowatts of power to close a package while a shrink-wrap tunnel may take 10x as much power.

There are several dozen overwrap machine manufacturers in the world today and hundreds of thousands of machines.

All About Sollas America

Sollas is a family-owned company based in The Netherlands. Their head office is in Wormer, near the capital city Amsterdam. Sollas machinery is manufactured in the eastern part of The Netherlands, near the German border.

Sollas was founded in 1948 and specializes in overwrapping and banding technology. In the United States and Canada, Sollas is represented by Roberts Technology Group of Chalfont, Pennsylvania.

Sollas America supports sales, installation, and service of thousands of Sollas machines in North America.

Sollas Overwrap Machines

Sollas machines stand out from their competitors. Look at the following superior qualities.

Visually Appealing Products

Sollas machines create exceptional packaging quality.


Sollas has decades of experience and consistent machine quality. Spare parts and service are no problem. With worldwide distribution and service partners, if something goes wrong, it’s easy to get answers and solutions.


Sollas overwrappers are some of the most highly efficient machines available. They have output speeds as high as 100 pieces per minute and rapid changeovers.


Each Sollas machine is customized to your unique needs. Change parts are low-priced and backward compatible.

Sollas America Model Series

Every Sollas machine is customized to your needs. Plan on growth but no need for every bell and whistle.

Sollas SE Series

The SE Series is the entry-level, easy to maintain manual in-feed overwrapper. It is easy to operate and offers flexible size ranges. It has an advanced Siemens PLC control. The maximum output can reach up to 25/minute.

Sollas XE Series

Machines in this series have a maximum output of 50/minute. This series offers greater efficiency and fast changeovers. It is semi-automatic.

Sollas SX Series

The SOLLAS SX Series advances features and efficiency. The maximum output speeds are 60/minute to 80/minute.

Sollas FSX Series

The most advanced Sollas overwrapper supplied by Sollas America. With a max output of 100/minute and 10-minute changeovers, this machine maximizes efficiency. The FSX Series includes a product data menu that stores all product settings.

Complete sales, installation and service packages are available with your machinery.  All machinery and spare parts are manufactured by Sollas entirely.

Marden Edwards History

Competitor Marden Edwards is a United Kingdom-based manufacturer founded more than 50 years ago. They manufacture their low and medium speed overwrap machinery in the U.K. In 2004, they acquired a shrink-wrap machinery company and in 2015 acquired the intellectual property and assets of Package Machinery Company in Massachusetts, USA.

Marden Edwards takes pride in its comprehensive product line after a period of aggressive company acquisition. USA sales and customer service are handled through their offices in Wayne, Pennsylvania and Campbell, California. Marden Edwards warehouses spare parts for dispatch in several places.

Marden Edwards Models

The overwrap machinery product line includes entry-level models with a maximum throughput of 10/minute. They also carry an industrial behemoth that speeds 300/minute through.  There are several model series in-between.

With more than 10 models, the highlights are:

  • Pack size range
  • Up to 300 wraps per minute
  • Quick changeovers
  • Manual or automatic feed
  • Base seal or trailing edge seal
  • Mechanical or servo operation

ME 300T Series

The ME 300T series is fully automatic. It wraps up to 300/minute and seals on the trailing edge. It features a multi-axis servo motor system, rotary turret pack process and large pack size capability.

ME 120B Series

The ME 120B series is a fully automatic base seal overwrapping machine, capable of wrapping speeds of up to 120 packs per minute. It has a servo control system.

LX Series

The LX Series is a fully automatic base seal overwrapping machine. The three machines in the series have maximum outputs of 40/minute, 70/minute or 90/minute depending on pack size.

TMX Series

The TMX series is a fully automatic trailing-edge seal overwrapping machine. It is capable of wrapping speeds of up to 70/minute. It has a full servo motor system.

BX Series

The BX series is a fully automatic base seal overwrapping machine capable of wrapping speeds of up to 60/minute.

TM Series

The TM series is fully automatic. It has a maximum wrapping speed of 60/minute and seals on the trailing edge. It has a hybrid mechanical servo motor system.

B Series

The B Series is a fully automatic base seal overwrapping machine, capable of wrapping speeds of up to 60/minute.

TML Series

The TML series is fully automatic. It has a maximum wrapping speed of 40/minute and seals on the trailing edge.

Evo Series

The Evo Series is the entry-level automatic base seal overwrapping machine. It is capable of wrapping speeds up to 45/minute.

Semi-Auto Overwrappers

This machine is a trailing edge seal overwrapping machine that requires single phase electrics. It is suitable for short batch work and wraps up to 10/minute with manual in-feed.

The Marden Edwards line is large and customizable, but not all options are permitted on all machines. Change parts are not compatible between machines and are not guaranteed backward compatible.

Compare and Contrast By Feature

Sollas America machines come in four easy to understand and fully customizable lines. Your machine can change and grow with your business. Sales and support teams are consistent and high quality.

Marden Edwards builds overwrap machines and several other packaging solutions. They offer more lines and product extensions, however, their lines have limited customization depending on price point. Change parts are not shareable between machines nor are they backward compatible. Marden Edwards offers education, sales, and service partners in 150 countries.

Are you ready to make a complete quality comparison between your Sollas America customized machine and a Marden Edwards standard series machine? Let us help you get the right package of features for your products.

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