ILPRA remains the go-to brand for Meal Prep

One of the fastest growing markets ILPRA America is seeing today is Meal Prep. Meal Prep companies cater to many clients with different motives and needs. Whether you simply do not have the time, want to remove the sometimes complicated task of preparing everything, looking to build muscle with protein based meals, Keto Dieting etc… Meal Prep is the answer!  Not all Meal Prep companies are overnight success stories. They typically start off very small (in most cases out of their own home) and eventually scale into mass production commissaries. The most economical route for Meal Prep companies to follow from a packaging standpoint are often snap on lids to a hard plastic bottom tray, due to the fact that this removes the upfront need of an expensive machine. But, what happens when there is a need to scale?  Do you want to continue paying upwards of $0.30 per top/bottom plastic tray? Isn’t there a better solution? YES!…

Well, this is where ILPRA America comes in the to the rescue!   ILPRA is the global leader in their field, selling in excess of 1,000 Sealing Systems annually! Roberts Technology Group, Inc represents the brand exclusively in the USA out of our Chalfont, PA facility. All Sales, Parts and Service comes from this office!

Each day, more and more Meal Prep companies call ILPRA to assist in upgrading their packaging, and overcoming obstacles that hold them back from expansion.  First, cutting back costs! With a simple film seal, there is no longer a need for the expensive top lid. Instant savings! On top of the savings, our ILPRA Tray Sealers have the ability to either Skin Pack, Gas Flush (aka: Modified Atmosphere Packaging / MAP), or Sealing Only. By injecting food safe gas, we are able to extend the shelf life up to 20 days in some cases. Now, Meal Prep companies can deliver fresh (NOT FROZEN) meals, and extend their reach across the country and scale their business. Lastly, the Green Movement is more powerful tan ever, and since we are cutting back plastic packaging consumption, Meal Prep customers certainly appreciate it!

Any questions pertaining to ILPRA Tray Sealers and how they can increase your bottom line, call 215-8220-0600 or email: