Roberts Technology Group enters Green Movement with new Compostable Boards

Roberts Technology Group, Inc. now offers Compostable Fiber Boards suitable for skin packaging (with ILPRA Tray Sealers, sister company) for various applications such as: Meat, Seafood and Dairy.

This style and form of packaging removes 50%+ of plastic usage, while adding significant benefits compared to plastic trays, such as: vertical retail display, graphic print. Skin Packaging also added the benefit of prolonging shelf life, savoring product flavor, color control, and stabilizing product during distribution and during displaying of product on store shelf.

Our sister company RTG Films will be offerings these exclusively, understand the same roof as ILPRA America, adding exceptional convenience to our clients.

Come see us at the Boston Seafood Expo in March where ILPRA will be debuting new machines with this form of technology.