RTG/ILPRA: Proud Supporter Of Lei Tray

RTG/ILPRA: Proud Supporter Of Lei Tray

No matter the industry, forward-thinking companies are looking for new ways to operate more sustainably, reducing their impact on the environment and helping people lead healthier, eco-friendly lives. Roberts Technology Group, Inc. and ILPRA are proud to support the Lei Tray. If your meal prep business is looking to stay up-to-date on packaging as well as ways you can improve your current business model, consider switching to the Lei Tray. Let’s take a closer look at Lei Trays and why we’ve partnered with them to improve our goal of reducing plastic use.

What Is Lei?

Lei, which stands for limiting environmental impact, is a groundbreaking and eco-friendly tray designed to protect the planet and help businesses like yours revolutionize the way that you package your meals. Regardless of whether you sell meat, prepared meals, or even pet food, this is one tray that you’ll want to pay attention to as your business works on reducing plastic waste and supporting the environment.

What Are the Key Benefits and Qualities of Lei?

So, why have we partnered with Lei? What makes this tray an excellent alternative to traditional plastic trays that businesses might use? Some of the reasons why Lei is one of the best eco-friendly trays out there include:

  • Each tray is made predominantly with sugarcane, resulting in green packaging that is effectively 90% less plastic. Whereas plastic can take hundreds of years to finally break down, sugarcane can be recycled or composted. 
  • All Lei Trays can be microwaved. While this might not seem like a major pro upfront, it means that consumers may feel less tempted to use other plates and bowls to enjoy their meals, helping them generate less plastic waste and water waste.
  • Lei trays were designed with production in mind. All Lei trays are suitable replacements for traditional Polypropylene trays, and all of them are engineered for packaging machines. If you need food sealing trays that help you replace plastic options but will still provide you and your consumer with the quality of tray you desire, the Lei tray is a great alternative.
  • All Lei trays are made with high-barrier properties. Whereas more traditional meal prep containers might only be designed to temporarily keep food fresh, you need meal prep containers that can keep food fresh for long journeys as well as ones that will keep the food looking great so customers are convinced to buy them. The high barrier properties of Lei trays allow for Modified Atmosphere Packaging that will keep food fresh and presentable for longer.
  • Most importantly, Lei trays are compostable and recyclable, coming with an innovative removable sealant layer. In a world where sustainability is the growing trend, having a product that can be used again or used to further Earth preservation efforts is of the utmost importance.

Lei’s impact on the world around it becomes even more clear when you take a look at the statistics surrounding it. Lei states that for every 1,000 Lei trays that are used, there are approximately 60 pounds of plastic that isn’t being put into our landfills or our oceans. RTG and ILPRA can stand behind that as we work toward a more sustainable and safe future.

Take Advantage of Lei Technology and Get the Support You Need With RTG

Are you looking to tap into better food packaging technology like ILPRA sealing equipment and eco-friendly Lei trays to help you scale your meal prep business? If so, you can start your journey here with RTG, the exclusive provider of ILPRA and SOLLAS equipment in North America as well as a wide range of other products that are designed to keep food fresh and safe. Contact us today to find your machine.