Sollas Machinery: Wrapping Solutions To Lessen Plastic Usage

Sollas Machinery Wrapping Solutions To Lessen Plastic Usage

Sustainable wrapping solutions include ways to lessen the use of plastic to be more eco-friendly on the environment. Some of these alternate packaging methods include poly mailers that are compostable (bioplastics). Others include the use of biodegradable package tape, recycled shopping bags, and corrugated boxes of cardboard. 

Why Use High-Quality Machinery for Packaging & Shipping?

The high-quality Sollas Machine ensures the contents of your packages are protected. At Roberts Technology Group, we are proud to offer packing equipment that is innovative, quality, and reliable. All packages wrapped by our Sollas Machine are guarded against possible harm incurred during handling, storing, or transportation. This wrapping solution ensures the product inside remains intact throughout the chain of logistics. When it leaves the manufacturer it is guarded against heat, light, humidity, and other outside elements.

What is Overwrapping Used For?

When products of rectangular or square shapes are packed for shipping, overwrapping guards them from harm, theft, and moisture. The process of overwrapping is also referred to as fold and tuck wrapping; as it provides a neatly wrapped gift-like appearance. Packages such as cosmetics, coffee, foods, stationary, pharmaceuticals, and numerous other small to medium parcels are packaged this way. Sollas has the ideal wrapping machine for boxes of a variety of shapes and sizes.

Shrink Wrap vs Overwrapping

 If you are wondering which packaging style is better, overwrapping is the best choice. The biggest benefitting factor is that overwrapping is better for the environment. Each package during the shrink-wrapping process must go through a tunnel of heat to ensure its film of polyethylene fits snugly. When using the tuck and fold procedure in overwrapping, only the seal requires any heat use. Although overwrapping is more attractive, there are occasions that recommend shrink wrapping. For example, products that come in odd shapes are often when shrink-wrapping comes into play.

Less Energy Consumption is Used in Overwrapping

The machines Sollas uses for overwrapping consume approximately two to six kilowatts of energy. Whereas, a whopping twenty to thirty kilowatts are used when operating the standard shrink wrapper.

Packages are More Attractive

Customers prefer the way our overwrap packages look. The neat folds of the film made from polypropylene give each package the appearance of a neatly wrapped gift.

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