Sollas Packaging Machinery vs Bergami: Which One Is Right For Wrapping YOUR Products?

Who can resist the urge to unwrap a beautifully wrapped package?

One in five consumers watched an unboxing video according to Google. Opening a package results in nearly 3 billion page views per year. Creating part of this excitement is the package itself.

Packaging affects consumer behavior. For example, 72% of consumers say that packaging influences their purchasing decision for a product. Even more consumers say it affects their decision to buy a gift.

The right packaging machinery to makes your brand packaging efficient, good looking and cost-effective.  After all, who doesn’t know Tiffany’s distinctive little blue box or the ubiquitous Toblerone bar?

Read on to learn more.

Package Design Basics

There are a few factors to consider for your package design.


Does your brand speak to a high-end buyer looking for luxury or a commodity buyer?  What is cheap and cheerful to one group could be seen as low class and garish to another.


Do the contents of your package need protection from humidity or rough handling? is your package a rectangle, globe or odd shape?


Is cost per unit a consideration? How heavy or light does your package need to be? What does the transportation cost?

In addition to these factors, think about ease of use and factory reliability.

Packaging Machinery Matters

There are hundreds of packaging machines available on the market today.  The oldest and best-known technology is overwrapping.  The first machines to automate package wrapping were created in the 1920s.

Overwrapping folds and seals a length of film or paper around a rectangular-shaped unit. Packaging machinery cuts and folds the film to fit around the package then seals the base seam.

A series of plates tucks and folds the ends. Then a heated plate then seals the ends. The result is a neat box with crisp folds, similar to gift wrap. Mechanical cams mean quiet, virtually maintenance-free operations.

Overwrap machinery is energy efficient, compared to other technologies. Heat is only applied at a certain point in the process. No wasted energy on a hot air tunnel or large pressing plate. Closing a package may take just 2 to 6 kilowatts.

There are many packaging machine manufacturers in the world today and a choice from hundreds of machines.

All About Sollas Overwrapping

Sollas is a company based in The Netherlands. It was founded in 1948 and specializes in overwrapping and banding technology. In North America, Sollas is represented by Roberts Technology Group of Chalfont, Pennsylvania.

Sollas has more than 70 years of manufacturing experience. Machines are made with consistent and dependable quality. Worldwide distribution ensures that spare parts and service are easy to obtain.  Complete sales, installation and service packages are available with Sollas machinery.

All machinery and spare parts are manufactured by Sollas entirely. Sollas machines are customized for the unique needs of users. They have output speeds of up to 100 pieces per minute and rapid changeovers. Change parts are low-priced and backward-compatible.

Sollas Overwrapping Options

There are four groups of Sollas overwrapping machinery.

  • Sollas SE Series
  • Sollas XE Series
  • Sollas SX Series
  • Sollas FSX Series

The SE series is the entry-level, simple to use, manual feed overwrapping machine. The size range is flexible. It uses a Siemens PLC control. The maximum output is 25 packages per minute.

Machines in the Sollas XE series have an output of 50 packages per minute max. This series is semi-automatic and offers quick changeovers. The Sollas SX series advance efficiency and features. This series has a maximum output of 60 to 80 packages per minute.

The most advanced Sollas overwrappers are the Sollas FSX series. The maximum output is 100 packages per minute. a Changeover takes just 10 minutes. The FSX series includes an advanced control module with a product data menu that stores settings.

All About Bergami Srl

Bologna, Italy-based Bergami Srl was founded in 1980. They maintain offices in 5 countries, including the United States.  Bergami manufactures all of its machinery in Italy. Sales and support are provided by each satellite office.

Bergami manufactures several different types of packaging machinery, including cartoning, palletizing and bundling systems. Bergami offers complete turnkey integrated solutions for the whole line of packaging.

Bergami Model CP150 Single Carton Overwrapper

This machine offers six-sided overwrapping at speeds up to 120 cartons per minute. It offers a fast 15-minute changeover and includes an automatic film splicing feature to allow roll changes without turning the machine off.

Bergami Model CM 110 Cosmetic Overwrapper

This high-speed overwrapper can handle up to 160 cartons per minute. It handles thin and hard to control films with positive grip feet. An intuitive touchscreen control system and ergonomic height make this machine an operator favorite.

Bergami Model CM 40 Cosmetic Overwrapper

The versatile CM40 is a manual or automatic feeding package system. It is the most popular, entry-level Bergami machine. The single carton can be wrapped or bundled with heat-sealable materials from a reel of coated polypropylene, cellophane or PVC. Printed materials are entirely suitable. It can wrap up to 60 cartons per minute.

Compare and Contrast Sollas and Bergami

Sollas machines come in four easy to understand and fully customizable lines. Your machine can change and grow with your business. USA sales and spare parts are consistent and high quality. You have the full support of experienced teams to train on installation and provide repair services if needed.

Bergami builds overwrap machines and several other packaging solutions. They offer more full systems and product extensions, however, their individual machinery has limited customization. Change parts are not shareable between machines nor are they backward compatible.

Control systems for Sollas machines are intuitive and easy to understand. They depend on industry-standard control modules. The Bergami controls are specific to Bergami packaging lines.

Are you ready to make a complete use comparison between Sollas customized packaging machinery and Bergami standard machines? Let us help you get the right package of features for your products.

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