Sollas Packaging vs IMA Group: Comparing Top Packaging Solutions to Determine the Best Fit For You

When you’ve produced a great product, you want to make sure it arrives at consumers safely.

Nothing disappoints a person quite like receiving a damaged package. Compromised packages are more common than you may think. Ten percent of e-commerce packages arrive damaged.

How do you know that your company is using the best packaging system for your product? Comparing top solutions like Sollas Packaging and IMA Group will help you know how to pick the best system for your product.

How to Pick a Packaging

Some basic principles will help you know if you’re picking the best packaging system.

It Holds Your Goods

Customers do not want products that arrive looking like the delivery truck ran over them. You need materials that can hold your goods well.

Some companies prefer corrugated cardboard boxes. They have the durability to withstand the rough handling of dozens of delivery men and handlers.

You need to use materials that can travel well from the point of origin to delivery. Picture your package moving from Toledo to Los Angeles.

How many people touch it? What can happen to it? Durable materials will help ensure it arrives looking like it did when it left the factory floor.


Looks matter. Your package can arrive with the product intact. However, a beautiful package will put your company a step above others.

Attractive packaging shows the extra touch a company goes through to make the product appealing.

Think about it. In America, we have oodles of the same product packaged in different packaging.

What do Americans pick? The product in attractive packaging goes off the shelf first. Cool, sleek packaging indicates that design matters.

Furthermore, consumers will equate packaging with the quality of the product. Your packaging becomes a part of your brand. When a customer sees the package with your logo and special design, they see your company.

Size and Form

Packaging should fit the content. You need to use packaging big enough so the product fits in the box with adequate margins. You want a package small enough hat the box does not make your product look bigger than it truly is.

Plus, you need a package that keeps your product safe. The size makes a difference. A package too large will have too much margin and room for damage. A package too small will not protect your package from rough handlers.

Consider if you need plastic straps or metal straps on the package as well. Make sure you have enough packing peanuts or bubble wrap to keep your product secure.


You want to keep your package secure, but you want customers to be able to open it easily. You do not want your package to be the one that consumers have to use a can opener to open. So use something secure but simple to open.

Picture a consumer receiving your package, thrilled for what the package holds. Then picture the consumer frustrated, standing over the package with scissors in hand attempting to open it.

You do not want the frustrated consumer.

Sollas v. IMA: Two Solutions

Several packaging solutions exist. This article will focus on two companies: Sollas and IMA. Each company has specialties that may help you with your packing problems.

Sollas Packaging Solutions

Sollas has been solving people’s packaging problems for over 65 years. This Dutch company prides itself on using the latest technology in packaging. They develop machines that will package your products quickly and efficiently.

Though Sollas is a Dutch company, they provide solutions in North America. The Roberts Technology Group distributes Sollas equipment in North America.

Sollas has three main claims:

1. Package quality

The put out attractive packaging. They pay attention to how the packaged product looks, thus understanding the need for good aesthetics and branding.

Their packaging will allow your company to focus on making the product itself better because they make it look better.

2. Consistency

Sollas has worked over 65 years to perfect their machines. They maintain a consistent level of quality by producing reliable machines. Should something malfunction, Sollars guarantees that spare parts are just down the road and not across the ocean.

3. Efficiency

Sollas claims to have machines with output speeds of 100 per minute. They pride themselves in quick changeover speeds and highly efficient overwrappers.

The Sollas overwrapping highlights what Sollas does, but they can do more. They produce machines that focus on tray sealers, fill sealers, and accessories. They also understand the bottom line and offer 0% equipment financing.

IMA Group

IMA Group has spread its wings to package a variety of products. They design and manufacture automatic machines that package pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, tea, and coffee.

Their packaging is specific to the products, and thus IMA Group has a subdivision in their company for each type of product. So if you’re looking for a coffee solution, for example, they have a coffee division dedicated to packaging just that product.

Their company currently highlights a giant containment blister packaging machine and an integrated counting system. The integrated counting system performs a variety of tasks. It will load a container, count and fill, insert cotton, cap a bottle, and reject poor packaging.

IMA Group prides itself on the efficiency of their machinery. For example, the tray packaging machine helps with a wide range of feeding solutions. IMA claims a semi-skilled operator can run an extremely simple machine.

The dairy and food department provides packaging solutions to the challenging industry of dairy and food. They have machines that fill and seal cups, for example, and portion packs, stick packs, and sachets. They also have fill and seal machines for pre-formed cups, tubs, and bottles.

In summary, IMA Group specializes in specialty packaging for specific industries.

Protect Your Product

Understanding what the IMA group and Sollas do will help you decide which company works best for your product. You can keep your product safe in beautiful packaging from the factory floor to your customer’s door with the right solutions.

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