Sollas Packaging vs Package Machinery: How Sollas Wraps The Competition

According to the CDC, one in six Americans ends up sick from foodborne illnesses each year.

When you’re in the culinary business, you understand the importance of food safety both for the safety of your customers and the safety of your business. Contamination can lead to a reputation that will destroy a business.

Effective wrapping and packaging can help companies avoid public relations disasters and keep their customers healthy. Secure packaging will help keep food safe overall.

Keep reading to learn more about Package Machine and Sollas, two of the leading companies on the packaging and wrapping today.

Package Machine

Package Machine is a company that acts as a dealer of packaging machinery. They do not have their own in-house engineers or machinists. Instead, they sell machines made by other companies.

They recommend companies and their machinery. As a result, they do not have the inhouse expertise and care that we see at Sollas.

Package Machinery is in transit currently. Package Machinery sold its intellectual property and assets to Marden Edwards Limited in the United Kingdom. As a result, they’re currently transferring their intellectual property and assets into a new business.


Package Machine sells a variety of packing machines. They spread their skill wide by offering several different types of machines from different manufacturers.

Chamber Machines

With the chamber machines, an operator manually loads individual products between the shrink wrap film. The operator must then transfer the product to the sealing area by hand. So these machines require skilled operators.

Semi-Auto L Sealer

The MES 455MTm is Package Machine’s semi-auto sealer. It separates the sealing and shrinking cycles. This allows for faster operation and processing.

Basically, the semi-auto sealer works more quickly than the chamber machine, but you have less control.

Automatic L. Sealer

The automatic sealer boasts of a robust form at high speeds. It is fully automatic and performs tunnel side sealing.

Side Sealer

Customers who want to wrap a variety of products at a high speed often choose the side sealer. It gives a nice clean look to just about any product.


Package Machine also sells a variety of wrappers. They have both a semi-automatic and fully-automatic inline sleeve wrapper. Additionally, they sell a 90-degree in-feed sleeve sealer.

They market the Package Machine automatic sleeve sealer as an ideal solution for businesses that need products wrapped for distribution and transportation.

The FA-ST Servo Overwrapping is one of Package Machinery’s oldest machines, dating back to the 1930s. According to Package Machinery, the FA-ST servo was the first servo technology for overwrapping. Because of its age, it is one of the most durable and practical machines on the market.

The FA-ST servo can wrap trays, cartons, and bundles. It also is faster than the tuck-and-fold wrapper.

Package Machinery also has its ILW Servo Bundle wrapping machine when you have bigger packages.

The ILW Servo Bundle will lower typical packaging costs as it replaces both corrugated and chipboard packages for larger products. Also, a basic operator can operate it, as it is easy to use.

TFW Flow Wrapping Machinery offers an alternative to more expensive wrapping machines. The product does not need a flat bottom, flat side, or minimum height. As a result, it works well to package baked goods or candy where dimensions can vary.

The TFW Flow also moves fast, packaging up to 160 packages per minute.

The Table Top Dieford Entry Level wrapper moves a little slower with up to 15 strokes a minute, depending on the operator. The operator determines the speed.

Table Top Machine is known for a consistent product and wrapping material and easy operation. It works well for those rookie operators and typically costs less than other similar machines.

Like its name implies the Table Top offers the versatility of being able to sit on a kitchen table. It works well for the mom-and-pop operations that run out of a small commercial kitchen.

Sollas Wrapping

While Package Machine certainly has some great equipment, their lack of in-house engineering makes them a lesser company than Sollas.

Sollas has been around since 1995. With over 20 years of experience, Sollas has learned to flex flexing with the economy and the business of wrapping. As a result, they are a reliable, solid company.

Sollas is known for three major qualities:

  1. Quality: They have attractive packaging that you can find on many name brand products.
  2. Consistency: They have perfected their machines over the years. As a result, they consistently offer appropriate support and parts for customers.
  3. Speed. Sollas has output speeds as high as 100/minute. Changing film takes little time as Sollas has focused on making their machines the most efficient on the market.

Sollas also truly focuses on what customers need. They try hard to not add or sell extra elements that a client will not use. Rather, they try to keep their machines cost-efficient as well as high quality.

Sollas’s focus on quality and efficiency has led them to have some of the best overwrapping machines on the market today.

As far as actual machines go, Sollas’s four most popular models produced at speeds from 25 to 100 units per minute.

1. Sollas SE Series

The SE Series comes across as the most cost-efficient machine. Yet with the low price point, you still get the quality Sollas is known for. Furthermore, the SE Series does not require an experienced operator and has flexible size ranges.

The SE has an output of 25 units per minute.

2. Sollas XE Series

With a maximum output of 50 units per minute, the XE Series is the second-fastest packer Sollas produces. It can package both individual and bundled products. Just like with the other machines, Sollas boasts of the fast changeover speeds with the XE.

3. Sollas SX Series

The Sollas SX works even more quickly than the XE and the SE. It can package anywhere from 60 to 80 units per minute. This unit allows companies to boost their productivity even more.

4. Sollas FSX Series

The FSX is the fastest machine Sollas puts out. It can process 100 units per minute, and the changeover speed lasts as little as 10 minutes.

Sollas v. Package Machine

At the end of the day, Package Machine cannot stand up to the Sollas machines simply because Sollas has in-house engineers and manufacturers. Both companies can package and wrap, but Sollas can give customers the best customer service.

Both companies will help you achieve the seals you might need. However, Sollas’ customer service makes it a superior company.

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