Why It’s Important to Replace Your Vertical Form Fill

In the present era, economic development is on the increase all over the world. With Vacuum Skin Packaging, being some of the major contributors in this development, the packaging industry has also shown a wide variety and depth in its progress. In fact, in the recent years, the total annual turnover of this industry has increased by manifolds that can be attributed with the increased number of companies getting involved in this business and also producing higher turnovers.

There is a direct result of the usage of a variety of different Packaging Machines by the packaging companies. But as with every kind of machine, situations arise where replacing a Vertical Form Fill Seal is unavoidable, these may include:

Improving efficiency

It may be beneficial to contact an expert to assess your current process and offer recommendations to improve efficiency. There is a certain amount of ‘blindness’ that happens when you’ve done things the exact same way for many years. Often the very people closest to the packaging line are so involved with the ‘day to day’ that process improvements are not even on their radar. An expert assessment will often reveal bottlenecks and packaging line inefficiencies that you would have never noticed otherwise. You may be surprised at how much room there is for improvement, even on packaging lines that seem to be working just fine.

Customizing your packaging equipment

One size does not fit all. In order to address each and every customer’s need, there must be willingness and ability to address every application that others in the industry may stay away from. Based on rock solid designs from standard equipment offering, it is important to look forward to challenging applications and the ability to design as directed. How often do you offer ideas stemming from your years of combined expertise?  Prior to discussing any details about your product offering, it is highly recommended you send sample products, bags and containers for free evaluation and testing.

Cost of maintenance

Replacing machinery is expensive, and there are good reasons to avoid it when possible. But there are situations where it may either be unavoidable, or simply the better choice. Often maintenance and engineering teams have the best perspective on when that line is crossed. Budgeting cycles and capital allocation priorities mean that it’s better to be proactive in tracking and managing performance and capability to avoid situations that unexpectedly impact production and the ability to deliver products to customers. It’s all about the bottom-line profit. Better machines are going to give you better performance and all the goodies that come along with profit.

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