Best Pharmaceutical Packaging

Finding The Best Packaging Options For Your Pharmaceutical Products

In the era we live in today, finding packaging materials for your products should be as easy as fetching buckets of sand at the seashore. As easy as this is, it is important that for each and every product produced by your company goes with its appropriate package. If you think packaging is just packaging and that what matters the most is the product, then you just might be making yourself a prime candidate for failure. In the pharmaceutical industry, a pharmaceutical wrapper plays a very critical role in consumer decisions, by not only making your brand stand out and look different from your competitors, but also delivering your product in a functional way that makes it easy to use. For producers that innovative and custom designs for their products, be it in the pharmaceutical, health or beauty industry, Roberts Technology (RTG) has the ability to make custom designs to accommodate all manner of dosing sizes and solutions

Established in 1995, RTG, Inc. is a privately owned Packaging Machinery Supplier and in-house “AIB Certified” Film Converter & Distributor based in Chalfont, Pennsylvania. From our main office we house three unique packaging divisions that support various industries in the USA & Canada. Our product portfolio consists of Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) Machinery (Tray Sealers, Thermoformers, Fill-Sealers), Overwrapping and Banding Machinery, as well as Packaging Films (Polypropylene, Polyester High Barrier/Anti-fog “Lidding Film”, Polyethylene, PLA, Printed and Laminated) for a wide range of industries.  It all boils down to the packaging style you desire.

Your First Source for Tray Sealing (ILPRA) Equipment

ILPRA is the top Tray Sealing brand globally, producing in excess of 1,000 units each year. Used primarily for shelf-life extension and containment of pre-packaged foods, our tray sealing machines provide small, medium and large scale production operations. Regardless of the model, our machines are made all from stainless steel / anodized aluminium, are wash-down friendly, and all perform a high quality die cut / seal (‘cut to shape’).

Machines are designed in multiple ways to be better tailored to specific needs. We offer table top units, multi-lane, and inline models, each offering specific advantages over the other. Most models can perform the following packaging types: Sealing Only, Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), Vacuum only, of Vacuum Skin Packaging (VSP). All units however are tested and approved of HPP (High Pressure Pasteurization, from a seal quality standpoint. ILPRA machines are suitable for the Meat, Poultry, Dairy, Produce, Ready Meal, Pasta, Bakery and Seafood.


SOLLAS America

Sollas America, a division of Roberts Technology Group, Inc., is the exclusive distributor of Sollas Packaging Machinery in North America. Sollas manufactures high quality film wrapping equipment for various consumer goods industries throughout the world.

Overwrapping Machines

Which machine works best for you, and which application offers the easiest maintenance and changeover capabilities, depends solely on what production needs you demand. There’s no shortage of technical documentation available to assist you. To learn more, or to discuss potential machine purchases, visit


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